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Photos of  A. G. Woodwards  1951 Thanet bike by Ron Tandy.

Last year I acquired A. G. Woodwards ( A.G.Woodwards was the Editor of  the Rough-Stuff  Journal from 1968 to 1991) 1951 Thanet and Simeon  gave me some really interesting information about A.G.  I rode his bike last year around Bristol and brought it back to California. I have kept it as I found it except I changed the pedals to Cyclo Rat Trap and added a Carradice Saddlebag. Last week I took the Thanet for a ride on the  Pacific Coast Highway Bike Trail. The weather was the usual California sunshine and I took a couple of photos to let you know that A. G.'S bike is still being used. There is no rough stuff here but the bike is still alive. I have come to believe that old bikes have a soul, as they definitely have a personality, and eventually go to bike heaven. After all, how could it be heaven without a bike. I tell anyone on the bike trail about the RSF whenever they ask about A. G.'s Thanet. Best Regards Ron Tandy.

The photos were taken at Huntington Beach . Ron hopes the above photos will stimulate some conversation about A. G. Woodward and that sometimes old bikes never die. Why not post comment on the forum  about these photos!

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