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51st anniversary ride of the unveiling of the Wayfarer Memorial stone

Ken Glaze, Alan Lea and myself celebrated the 51st anniversary of the unveiling of the memorial stone, with a trip over the Berwyn's 51 years to the day on the 16/06/08.

The ride was not posted in the journal as I only decided to do it last minute. It was a great day, and I found a really good new route, of course we had plenty of refreshment stops, and had our lunch at the memorial.

The pub in Llanarmon has a bar named after him as shown in the photo, but they knew nothing of the history behind the name, as it has a relatively new landlord. I gave him details of your website and he said that he would have something printed and put up in the bar. It would be nice to have the Wayfarer and the Lancashire Group given some recognition.

The box on the top is still in good condition, and had 4 or 5 books and a number of pens still in it. The day we went up we never saw anybody, and the silence was only broken by the singing of the skylarks and the wayward cry of the curlews. Very peaceful. Reading the book the previous day (Sunday), somebody had written that the quiet had been spoilt by the noise of motorbikes on the track. I am sure that W.M.Robinson would turn in his grave at the noises of today.


Rob Burrow

That’s all folks! For more information about the Wayfarer Memorial Stone please click here to go to the Site’s Wayfarer Memorial Stone Page.

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