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Looking at the view on the 1st September ride.

Past ride reports of the South Lakes Group in September 2012

1st September 2012: A ride to Kitridding by Simeon Orme

After meeting at Refreshment Room on Carnforth Railway Station, the five of us headed out of Carnforth on North Road, then soon heading along Kellet Road towards Tewitfield. In Tewitfied we cross over the A6070 and then followed the bridleway from Greenlands Farm up to the Lancaster Canal, then headed along canal towpath until we rejoin the tarmac at Saltermine Bridge. Then we followed the lanes for next few miles through Cinderbarrow, Hilderstone, Holme Mills and Holme before coming out on the A6070 which we did a short section on to Holme Park Farm where we pick up our next track. The first part of the bridleway is quite easy to ride along as it is farm track until you cross over on to National Trust land where the track start to climb, there some good views when you stop and look back towards the coast, it one of these tracks where you can ride bits and then walks bits but we soon back on tarmac again for some more road work, as we followed the lanes towards Hutton Roof.

After heading through Hutton Roof, we followed Gallowber Lane out of the village and after bit of climbing turn on our next bridleway which we followed towards Hollin Hall, part way along this track Norman’s bike got a puncture so we stop for lunch while Norman his puncture.

After lunch we had to battle our way along the next part of the bridleway which was overgrown with nettles due to wet summer, I must say two members of party Geoff and Rob were brave wearing shorts but we soon regrouping at bottom of the bridleway, then short section on the A65 before heading along our next track to Fleet. After passing through Fleet Farm, we did a very boggy bridleway along the edge of the Lowther Plantation and then through Whinny Plantation up on to Kirkby Moor, then there some more road work before following the bridleway through Deansbiggin, we then back on tarmac again heading towards Mansergh Hall. There some good views of the Lune Valley along this road.

At Mansergh Hall, we our next track Chapel Lane up to Mansergh Church where we stop at to have a look around the outside of the church.

From Mansergh Church we started the climb out of the Lune Valley up to Old Town where we join the B6254 which we followed towards Kendal for about mile before heading along Beck Lane for afternoon cafe stop at Kitridding Tearoom.

After putting world to right in the Tearoom, we made our way back to B6254 for the climb up Kitridding Hill, after bit of climbing regroup at the top of the hill and we then follow the B6254 pass Barkin House Farm where we turn off the ‘B’ road to follow some quite lanes down to Nook. In Nook there was short section on A65 before turning on to more quite lanes as we headed towards Farleton.

From Farleton it was case of heading along network of lanes through Holme, Holme Mills and Hilderstone back to Cinderbarrow where we followed the canal towpath down to Tewitfield, then Kellet Road and North Road back to Carnforth.  

You can click here to download the GPS route files of the route and click here to look at the photos of the ride.

8th September: A ride along the Pennine Bridleway to Cam Fell by Simeon Orme.

There was just four of us who met up at the Reading Room Cafe in Clapham, after having chat about the future of the group, it was decide that I would step down as Group Secretary and become the Group Runs Secretary and Webmaster while Mike Nott would take over from me as Group Secretary.

Well after putting the world to right and finishing eating the lovely cakes, we headed out of Clapham through the tunnels and on to Long Lane where join the Pennine Bridleway. We headed up Long Lane, riding most of the track put in few places we had to get off our bikes and push them put we soon gain a lot of height, plus the day had warm up with the sun coming out.

After we climb out of Clapdale, it was quite easy ride following the track towards Sulber Gate with good views looking down into Crummack Dale. At Sulber Gate its always worth stopping to looking at the view across Thieves Moss which is one of seven wonders of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

From Sulber Gate, it quite easy ride down into Ribblesdale with good views of Pen-y-ghent across the valley, we regroup after crossing over the B6479 before following the new purpose built bit of the Pennine Bridleway across Far Moor to cross over the River Ribble via the Pennine Bridleway Bridge, then there bit of climbing to do before hit the tarmac which we followed to High Birkwith.

At High Birkwith there was more climbing to be done as we headed up to Old Ing, then it was fairly easy ride along the Pennine Bridleway to Ling Gill Bridge where we stop for lunch.

After lunch there more climbing to do as we followed the Pennine Bridleway up to Cam End on to the old Roman Road, from Cam End there was still a bit more climbing to do as we followed the Roman Road up to Cold Keld Gate where the Pennine Bridleway turn off the Cam High Road to head down to Newby Head, it was first time that I have done this part Pennine Bridleway from Cold Keld Gate down to Newby Head.

It was fairly easy to follow the track, Ian did fall off his bike part way along the first section but was okay after spending a few minutes resting on the ground. We carry on heading down to Newby Head and were pass by few motor bikes who had the landowner permisson to use this section of the bridleway.

At Newby Head we were back on the tarmac for next few miles down to Ribblehead were we stop for a brew at the Fourth Peak Snack Bar.

After our brew stop, we followed the next bridleway under the Ribblehead Viaduct around to Gunnerfleet Farm, then the public byway towards Winterscales before following the next bridleway around to Ellerbeck Farm and down into Chapel-le-dale. From Chapel-le-dale we headed down Oddie’s Lane into Ingleton for afternoon cafe stop at Inglesport Cafe.  

After putting world right sitting outside the cafe in the sunshine, we headed out of Ingleton on small public byway up to Storrs Common where Mike left us to head back home to High Bentham,

The rest of us headed back to Clapham along the Old Road.

It had be interesting day, with about 70% of route being off-road.

You can click here to download the GPS route files of the route and click here to look at the photos of the ride.

16th September 2012: A ride to Cafe d’Lune at Conder Green by Simeon Orme.

Yes I can say the weather report for today ride was right for a change ie being wet. Anyway my first part of  the morning  was spend raking bunkers and changing the holes at the golf course where I work, I  did manage to get around in the dry and made it home just before 9am  to change from work cloths to cycling cloths, check computer for any e-mails, then had senior moment wondering where I put a track mitt and spend several minutes looking around the house for it , then found it when  took my cap off at Cafe d’Lune, the guilty mitt fell on to floor. So I was late setting off , so it was fast ride down the Lune Valley cycle in the pouring rain following the cycle track down the Lune Valley to Conder Green. I got there for 10.15 am, the only cyclists in the cafe were a few members of the local CTC group.

So after having a coffee and a cake in the cafe, I  headed back up the Lune Valley Cycle towards Lancaster and got chatting to another cyclist, at the Aldcliffe turn off on cycle track I took the scenic  route through Aldcliffe and then followed the cycle path along side the canal through Lancaster to the Aqueduct, then drop back down to Lune Valley cycle track and followed the cycle path back home to Halton.

Considering that pouring down with rain for few hours that I was out, there was a lot cyclists out and about getting cycling fix for the last day of the weekend.

You can click here to download the GPS route files of the route and click here to look at the photos of the ride.

23rd September 2012: A ride to Claife Heights and around Grizedale Forest by Simeon Orme.

It was bit of surprise to find that I was first to the starting point for the ride at the Chapel House Wood car park usually about the last person to get to the start but I was soon join by Gwen & Ken and Chris. After we all got our bikes out or off backs of our cars. We followed the road down through Staveley-in-Cartmel and then short section on the A592 before following the cycle path into Newby Bridge where we cross over the River Leven to follow the road to Lakeside.

At Lakeside, we greeted by someone who had not passed there NVQ in customer service, shouting at Ken & Gwen not leave bikes by the cafe, as it where the boarding ramp for ferries was kept when not in use.

Anyway once the bikes where lock up we headed into the 1872 cafe and shop for our morning brew.

After our cafe stop, we headed out of Lakeside, following the road through Low and High Stott Park on the climb up to Graythwaite Old Hall the cable to rear derailleur on Gwen Bike broke, we had few technical problem threading a new cable through the gear lever only to find that the cable was to short to get to the rear derailleur.

After spending quite a bit time trying to replace the cable, it was getting to late to do the plan ride to Broughton-in-Furness, so after looking at the map myself and Chris headed off to follow the road down to Cunsey Bridge, leaving Ken and Gwen to pack away tools go hunting for a new cable in local bike shop.

At Cunsey Bridge we followed the bridleway along side Cunsey Beck up to Great Ore Gate, then cross over Cunsey Beck at Eel House Bridge to follow the lanes up to Near Sawrey. In Near Sawrey we followed the bridleway up on to Claife Heights, stopping for lunch at the classic viewing point looking across Wise Een Tarn towards the mountains of the western lakes.

After lunch it was case of following the bridleway through the woods down to High Wray where we followed the road down to Low Wray. At Low Wray we headed along the bridleway to Outgate where we were back on the tarmac again and follow the lane up to The Drunken Duck, then more road work as we headed through Knipe Fold  up to High Cross where we headed into Grizedale Forest following the forest cycle paths down to the Grizedale Centre for afternoon brew and cake at the Cafe in the Forest.

After our cafe stop, it was road work for rest of the ride as we followed the tarmac down the Grizedale Valley to Force Mills where we followed the lanes down the Rusland Valley before climbing out it near Border Moss Wood, it is quite a steep climb as we headed up to Hill Top, then there bit more climbing to do before following the lanes back down to Newby Bridge where we retrace morning route back through Staveley-in-Cartmel back to cars park at Chapel House Wood. Making it back to cars for 5pm.

You can click here to download the GPS route files of the route and click here to look at the photos of the ride.

 29th September 2012: A ride to Borrowdale by Simeon Orme.

The weather gods were kind to us with only a few rain showers and tail wind for most of the ride.

After riding out to start of the ride at Farleton View Tearoom from Halton, I met up with Chris, Steve and Mike our new group secretary inside the tearoom.

After putting the world to right inside the tearoom, we followed the lanes through Millness to the A65, after short section on the A65 we back on quite lanes and slowly climbing as we headed through Gatebeck and Holmescales up to Hutton Gate. Then continue on quite lanes over Essett Hill and soon join the Old Scotch Road which we followed passed Killington Reservoir, we continue following Old Scotch Road around Drybeck Hill and down to Lowgill where we cross over the River Lune via the Crook of Lune Bridge. Then there was bit of climbing to do as we head up on to Howgill Lane which we followed up the Lune Valley to the Fairmile Gate where Howgill Lane into the Fairmile Road. There always a lot of good views on this road as we continue up the valley, we soon crossing back over River Lune via the Salterwath Bridge and then heading through Low Borrowbridge, we stop for few minutes under the motorway bridge to shelter from a rain shower. We then cross over the A685 and then heading up the Borrowdale Valley, the first part of the road is tarmac through Borrowdale Wood before the road turns into bridleway which is hardcore track up to Low Borrowdale Farm, then the bridleway changes into path through the fields before changing back into hardcore track at High Borrowdale where we stop for some lunch at the side of the track.

After lunch we continue following the bridleway up the valley, there good views on both sides of the track as we head up the valley to join the A6 which we did a short section on before following the pubic byway down to Ashstead, from Ashstead continue down the valley following quite gated road to Harewood where we did a bit of climbing before following road  passed Whinfell Tarn down to Patton Bridge where there more climbing to do as followed the tarmac over to Meal Bank, then the A685 into kendal. In Kendal, we followed the cycle path through Kendal to Natland Mill Beck Lane where we try out a new cafe at Natland Mill Beck Farm Ice Cream Parlour.

After our refuelling stop, it was back on lanes as we headed through Natlands, Sedgwick and Hindcaster. In Hincaster, we did another off-road section on the Hincaster Trailway before getting back on quite lanes again as we headed through Viver, Stainton Bridge End, Woodlands and back to Wath Sutton where we said our goodbyes.  

You can click here to download the GPS route files of the route and click here to look at the photos of the ride.

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