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The South Lakes Group

Your local off-road cycle touring club

 For cyclists who love off road leisure cycling in South Lakes and Yorkshire Dales

Part of the ‘Where the Brew Stop? The off-road cycle touring website’. The site about off-road cycle touring routes, cyclist’s cafes, local group events , the South Lakes Group and good photos.

The National Committee of the Rough-Stuff Fellowship

President: Frank Brierley

Vice-Presidents: Hilda Fox, John Kemp and Peter Kenner.

Chairman: Steve Griffith or Tel: 0208 346 5215

General Secretary: Henk Francino.

Treasurer: Ivan Viehoff or Tel 01494 763628

Assistant Treasurer: Rodney S. Luhrs Tel: 01358-729765

Editor: Norman Hodgton Tel: 01749 890587

Renewals Secretary: Heather R. Evans Tel: 0191 2738042

New Membership Secretary: John Kemp Tel: 01457 852090

Public Relations Officer: Jane Gill Tel: 01756-709340

Advertising Manager: Steve Gregson.

Route Librarian (UK., Alps, Pyrenees, Massif Central): Jill and Chris Bolton Tel: 01924-823897

Route Librarian (Rest of the World): Peter Kenner Tel: 07769-552230

Sales Officer: Brian Parkinson Tel: 01254-772983

Web Site Manager: Mike Pringle.

Directors: Peter Kenner, Ivan Viehoff  and Steve Griffith

The Guide to who does what on the Committee

The Directors: Responsible to the outside world for ensuring that the company conduct its activities in accordance with the Articles and Memorandum of Association registered with Companies House. Other comments: A requirement of the Companies Act to have at least 2 directors but no upper limit. RSF approach to date has been to appoint Chairman, General Secretary and Treasurer as Directors because these officials are most appropriate. Elected for 3 years each.

Company Secretary: Contact for Companies House. Must provide an annual statement to Companies House, including a Director’s Report. Other comments: A requirement of the companies Act. Company Secretary’s home address is registered address of the company. RSF approach to date has been to appoint the Treasurer to this position because of similarity of accountabilities.

Chairman: Chairing general meetings and executive meetings. Ensuring within the Fellowship that business is conducted in accordance with the Articles and Memorandum of Association. Ensuring that other officials carry out their duties. Taking the lead when issues affecting more than one official arise. Bank account signatory. Other comments: Needs to encourage communication between officials who are disinclined to do this.

General Secretary: Organisation of Easter Meet and Autumn (Executive Committee) Meet. Administration of competitions and awards. Dealing with correspondence. Keeper of minutes books and committee archive. Taking of meeting minutes. Bank account signatory. Other comments: Possible to delegate some of these tasks but the General Secretary has overall accountability for them.

Treasurer: Prepares annual accounts. Agrees budgets with other officials and gives approval before they commit to significant spend. Recommends subscription levels to Executive Committee before seeking approval at AGM. Monitors performance of investments and recommends investment decisions to Executive Committee. Bank account signatory.

Assistant Treasurer: Handling expenses claims by other officials. Keeper of the cheque book and bank account signatory.

Editor: Timely issue of the journal. Includes soliciting contributions, preparing drafts for the printer and communication with the printer. Other comments: A significant budget holder so needs to discuss spending proposals with the treasuer.

Advertising Manager: Solicits advertising for the journal. Negotiates rates with advertisers. Other comments: Needs to communicate  with editor and treasurer.

Public Relations Officer: Advertising of the RSF. Organisation of the York Rally Stand. Contact point for external enquiries. Other comments: Needs to communicate with New Membership Secretary. Often they share the workload between them. A budget holder who needs to discuss spending proposals with the Treasurer.

New Membership Secretary: Maintains the membership database. Point of contact for prospective members and new applications. Issues new membership packs and promotional material. Receives new membership subscriptions and pays these into the bank account. Other comments: Needs to communicate with PRO and Renewals Secretary.

Website Manager: Maintains the Rough-Stuff Fellowship website. Other comments: Communication with the editor and general  secretary about events to be publicised.

Sales Officer: Sell old journals, binders and badges to members via mail order and in person at Easter Meet. Re-orders binders and badges when required. Other comments:

Needs storage space at home.  Needs to discuss  re-order commitments with treasurer.

Area Secretaries: Organising programmes of activities in their local areas. Providing advance information and events reports to the editor. Local advertising of activities. Liaison with other area secretaries over join activities. Other comments: Can obtain cash advances from the treasurer for hostel bookings etc to avoid having to use own money.

President: Honorary figurehead of the fellowship. Other comments: Normally held by a member of long and distinguished service.

Vice President: Honorary positions often used for rewarding meritorious service. No specific duties. Other comments:  Normally 3 positions held for 3 years each with retirement in rotation.

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