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The South Lakes Group

Your local off-road cycle touring club

 For cyclists who love off road leisure cycling in South Lakes and Yorkshire Dales

Part of the ‘Where the Brew Stop? The off-road cycle touring website’. The site about off-road cycle touring routes, cyclist’s cafes, local group events , the South Lakes Group and good photos.

The first ninety members of the ‘RSF’

The names below have been extracted from the Rough-Stuff Journal of May 1955, being the membership as at the deadline for that issue:

Mr. D. A. Arnold of Ipswich.

Mr. W. H. Bailey of Buckley.

Mr. J. Barnard of Slough.

Mr. L Barnes of Cardiff.

Mr. A. J. Bartholomew of Ware.

Mr. D. Bell of Prestwick.

Mr. R. J. Benton of Abercarn.

Mr. D. E. Bick of Cheltenham.

Mr. T. C. Bishop of Bedford.

Mr. T. Bray of Holmfirth.

Mr G. Bubb of Cheltenham.

Mrs B. Bubb of Cheltenham.

Mr R. K. Carter of Liverpool.

Mr Charlie Chadwick of Bolton.

Mrs. M. Chadwick of Bolton.

Mr. C. S. Comport of Hornchurch.

Mr. A. F. Darley of London.

Mr. D. S. Darwin of Dudley

Mr. J. H. Davies of Upton.

Mr. F. G. Dunster of Manchester.

Mr. M. W. Dyason of London.

Mr. E. J. Fasham of Budleigh Salterton.

Mr. E. V. Finch of Stroud.

Mr. F. E. Fischer of Weybridge.

Mr. B. Fisher of BFPO 21.

Mr. A.W. George of East Molesey.

Mr. V. Ginger of Wrexham.

Mr. F. Goodwin of Huddersfield.

Mr T. Gray of Newguay.

Mr. G. F. Hackett of Dudley.

Mr R. J. Harrison of Wigan.

Mr. R. Healey of Staincliffe.

Mr. J. B. Heath of Huddersfield.

Mr. R. S. Henderson of Edinburgh.

Mr. W. J. S. Hendry of Worcester.

Mr. D. Hill of Bury.

Mr. J. C. Hinchcliffe of Huddersfield.

Mr J. Hopkins of Birmingham.

Mr. W. Houston of Auchinleck.

Mr. W. Hubbard of Redhill.

Mr. E. Jackson of Wallasey.

Mr R. J. Jenkins of Guildford.

Mrs R. J. Jenkins of Guildford.

Mr E. Jones of Ilford.

Mr E. Jones of Llangollen.

Mr. J. C. Kilborn of Darlington.

Mr. M. Kirkham of Oldham.

Mr. D. Lanhorne of Fleetwood.

Mr. H. C. Lewis of Liverpool.

Mr. F. B. Littley of Glen Shira.

Mr. J. MacDougall of Wallsend.

Mr. A. E. Matthews of Ainsdale.

Mr. T. J. Mitchell of Scarborough.

Mr. G. Moore of Orpington.

Mr. A. S. Morris of Birmingham.

Mr. C. S. Mortlock of Dunstable.

Mr. C. M. Nattress of Durham.

Mr. C. H. Needham of Chirk.

Mr. G. W. O’Brien of Hove.

Mr. T. W. Owen of Flint.

Mr. H. Parkinson of Bamber Bridge.

Mr. D. Paul of Liverpool.

Mr. W. H. Paul of Liverpool.

Mr. J. Pearson of Leeds.

Mr. C. R. Pett of London.

Mr. R. Phillips of London.

Mr. J. Pilkington of Colne.

Mr. G. H. Powell of Stonesfield.

Mr. T. L. Profit of Trowbridge.

Sir H. R. Bart Rankin of Newchurch.

Lady Robina Rankin of Newchurch.

 Mr. H. G. Robson of North Shields.

Mr. R. Rockett of Castleford.

Mr. J. E. L. Rotheroe of Churt.

Mr. C A. Roberts of Nottingham.

Mr. L. Seymour of Kings Langley.

Mrs. M. Seymour of Kings Langley.

Mr. P. C. Smith of Cirencester.

Mr F. R. Snape of London.

Mr. G. Swift of Standish.

Mr B. E. Timmins of Birmingham.

Mr K. E. Walker of Oxford.

Mr S. Wild of Manchester.

Mr. E. R. Wilkinson of Bletchley.

Mr H. S.Williams of Liverpool.

Mr J. G. Williams of Whitby.

Mr. L. Williams of Llangollen.

Mr. H. H. Willis of Godalming.

Mr A. Winstanley of Bolton.

Mr. P. Worthington of Rochdale.

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