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29th June 2014: A ride along the Walna Scar Road. Photo taken by Ian Wood

Do you serve cats?!

The climb up from Old Hall Farm

Heading down to Colton Church

The track from Abbott Park

Descending past Stock Wood

The view from Stable Harvey

The track over Torver Low Common

Nick crossing a ford

Eileen crossing a ford

Lunch spot

The track across Torver Low Common

Torver Low Common

Cake and Brew stop at The Deli, Torver

The track past Tranearth

Eileen descending to Tranearth

Re grouping on bridge nr Tranearth

 The rocky bit

The even more rocky bit of the ascent!

Alistair on the bridge over Torver Beck

Alistair pushing, we where all pushing at this point!

Alistair on the climb up Walna

Alistair manages a difficult bit

Eileen having a go

Nick on the approach

Nick is resorted to pushing!

Alistair posing for a pic, Walna Scar track summit

Nick approaching the top

Admiring the view

The descent to the Walna Scar Quarries

Nick and Eileen at the quarries

Some boggy bits where encountered!

The tricky descent down Lickle Valley

Nick crossing a side beck in Lickle valley

Walna Scar or bust! By Ian Wood

It all started so well too!

As I arrived at the cafe Nick and Eileen where started to unpack their bikes from their car, Alistair was in his car behind me and did the same. As I exited my car door I managed to step into some dog  poo left by some inconsiderate dog owner. Never mind I thought, at least I didn’t have my cycling shoes on. Simeon pulled up haven ridden some of the way on the road to get to the cafe. After ordering cake, bacon butties and tea etc. we chatted and waited for it all to arrive. this took longer than expected but suitably refreshed and nourished we started the first climb of the day This is a steep one and was particularly loose today, needless to say, we all did the sensible thing and got off and pushed. As we ascended the track towards Colton church Simeon fell behind, he was having problems with his camera, which had packed in for ever. We took the road towards Oxen Park before, turning off left to Bandrake Head. The minor road to Abbot Park was used before it turned into a bridleway through Turner’s Close. Bletherbarrow Road was met and descended, fast it was too! We headed north up the Crake valley before crossing the river and reluctantly using the main A5084 for a couple of miles. The tarmac road was taken up to Tottle Bank and then the bridleway to the reservoir at Plain Riggs. There where mumblings from the rear of the group about lunch, so as it was a grand spot, we ate a half lunch and chatted. We carried on to Torver, where we said our goodbyes to Simeon who had chosen to leave us and take a road route back. A cafe stop was called for as there wouldn’t be another chance that day, so we had refreshments at the deli/pub in Torver before turning right up the track past Tranearth to the Walna Scar Road.

The track past Tranearth had been improved recently and was mostly rideable by the group who were left. The final bit to meet the Walna Scar track was very steep, and took some effort. Walna Scar has been resurfaced recently and apart from a few rocky and steep bits was ridden by us all. We stopped for a second lunch and I brewed up at the bridge over Torver Beck. We pushed on in the beautiful weather admiring the unfolding views. Some pushing was needed before the last rideable section to the top. We stopped for a breather, photos and to admire the view. The exhilarating descent to Walna Scar quarries was over to soon, we branched left to take the track down Lickle valley. Crossing Yaud Mire was relatively dry due to the recent good weather. The top of the track had been resurfaced, which we followed before heading down the Lickle river. The real technical stuff of the ride had started. Alistair took the lead and with his 29 er coped better than the rest of us. Some pushing down was done before it started to get easier. Then on a small drop off. losing my balance and fell off, unclipping fine and putting my hands down to stop me. Despite the slow speed of the fall I had managed to tear a tendon in my finger and split the end. Blood ran, as did the expletives! I thought it was broken at the time so after washing the blood off, I, with some assistance, taped the fingers together. I was as much annoyed at falling off at a relatively easy bit, as I was with the pain in my hand. After another sugar break (thanks Nick) the rest was ridden at a more moderate pace to reach Stephenson Ground.

Tarmac was taken back to the starting point, riding back through Woodland, over Sulberthwaite Common, Lowick and Spark Bridge. It had been a long day but a good one spent in good company. As I type this several weeks later I still have the mallet finger splint on!


You can click here to download  GPS route files of the route. To find out where we going next checkout forthcoming events page and don’t forget to post comment on our forum. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter. You may find more photos taken on this ride by other members posted up on the South Lakes Flickr Group.

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