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15th June 2014: A ride to the Calf in the Howgill Fells, photos taken by Simeon Orme

The cake photo at The Cariad Coffee House in Kirkby Lonsdale where the ride started from.

Simon and Howard following the lane towards Ringmaden Park.

Dog Rose at side of the road near Egholme Farm.

Regouping after the climb up from Bowersike.

A view of the Lune Viaduct at Waterside.

The Crook of Lune Bridge

A Monkey Flower near the Crook of Lune Bridge.

Red Campion at side of the lane on the climb from River Lune.

Regrouping near Castley

Following the bridleway down to ford.

Howard crossing the ford.

The lunch time view.

Following the bridleway up White Fell.

The view looking back, we had several rest stops on the climb up White Fell.

Looking back at top of the climb up White Fell.

Howard at summit of The Calf.

Heading along the bridleway.

Looking down through the clouds towards the Rawthey Valley in the distance.

The view  from the bridleway looking down towards the Lune Valley.

A bit further along the bridleway.

Following the bridleway along the side of Arant How out of the cloud.

Simon looking at the view.

The view of Sedbergh and the Rawthey Valley, click the photo to see a larger image.

Following the bridleway down the side of Winder towards Sedbergh.

Heading down the bridleway toward Lockbank Farm.

The afternoon cafe stop at the Sedbergh Cafe.

The view in the mirror near Low Oaks.

Heading through Barbon on the way back to Kirkby Lonsdale.

The view looking over the wall from Kirkby Lonsdale Road looking down into the Lune Valley, on the ride home to Halton.

A bee on a flower at side of Kirkby Lonsdale Road.

Ride Report by Simeon Orme

I rode up to the start of the ride at the Cariad Coffee House in Kirkby Lonsdale which as just recently change hands, the highlight of the ride up to Kirkby Lonsdale was seeing a young stag Roe Deer which I followed for about half mile seeing it jump over field wall, then run the length of the field before jumping back over the field wall on to road and then cross the road into wood.

At the Cariad Coffee House, I met up with Simon and Howard, after enjoying the delights of the Coffee House, we headed out of Kirkby Lonsdale on the B6254 which we followed  up to Kearstwick where we turn on to quite network lanes which we followed up the Lune Valley. Some of the delights of the ride up the valley was passing Ringmaden Park and stopping a few minutes to admire the workmanship when into building the Lune Viaduct at Waterside but after hour of riding we were soon dropping down to Crook of Lune which we use to cross from one of the River Lune to the other. Then there was a bit of climbing to do as we followed the tarmac out of the valley up to Howgill Lane which we cross over to followed Four Lanes End Lane through Cookson’s Tenement up to Castley. From Castley we followed the bridleway over the shoulder of Castley Knott before dropping down into the Chapel Beck Valley. After about half mile of riding we cross over Chapel Beck via the ford before stopping on the banks of Chapel Beck to have lunch.

I must say it look good ideal at the runs  meeting earlier on in the year but the climb up White Fell was one of hardest that I have done in past few years, we had several stops on way up to get our breath back, yes it was hard work pushing our bikes up this steep slope but after good 40 minutes of pushing we made it to top of White Fell Head, then it a lot easier as the track level out as we headed up to The Calf, we had short stop to put on some waterproofs as it start to rain before heading up to Summit of The Calf at 676 metres. It was disappointing not to see any views from the summit as the clouds were blocking the view, we had short photo stop at the summit before following bridleway along the ridge towards Sedbergh, we did get to see some views of the valleys below through the breaks in the clouds but only got benefit of the views once we started dropping down from Arant How out of the clouds and the views were outstanding well worth the pain of the climb up White Fell.

After heading down the side of Winder, we were soon in Sedbergh, were we stop for a brew in the Sedbergh Cafe.

After our brew stop, we took the easy option as we followed the tarmac back down the Lune Valley to Kirkby Lonsdale where we said our goodbyes and headed for home.

You can click here to download  GPS route files of the route. To find out where we going next checkout forthcoming events page and don’t forget to post comment on our forum. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter. You may find more photos taken on this ride by other members posted up on the South Lakes Flickr Group.

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