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7th September 2013: A ride around the Lowther Valley

A view of sheep in a field taken from Kield Lane.

A view of the bridge over the bridge over the River Lowther at Kield.

Concrete fence post on the water board road.

A view of Swindale Beck.

A view of dead tree, with the Lowther Valley in the background from the Water Board Road.

View looking down into Mardale from Water Board Road.

A view of tree in a field near Bampton.

Seed heads at side of the bridleway up to Askham Fell.

A view of the bridleway looking back down into the Lowther Valley.

Dead bracken on Askham Fell.

A large rock at side of the bridleway across Askham Fell.

A view looking back across Askham Fell.

The view of the bridleway down to Askham.

A lunch time view in Askham.

The church in Askham.

A view from road through Lowther Park of the Lowther Castle.

Inviting sign for any cyclist.

The cake photo at The Wall Garden Tea Room near Lowther.

A view of Lowther Village.

Information point about Lowther Village.

A view of the seat under the Jubilee tree in Great Strickland

Woodland at side road on the way to Morland.

A tree in a field.

At the garage in Morland

A view of the church in Morland.

A view of the bridge by the ford in Morland.

Another view of the bridge by the ford in Morland.

Another view of the bridge by the ford in Morland.

A view of the lane into Sleagill.

A view of the stepping stones across Sleagill Beck.

A tree on skyline on the bridleway to Threaplands.

The view from that tree on skyline looking back towards the Eden Valley.

A view of a farm building at Threaplands.

A view of the church in Shap.

Ride report by Simeon Orme

The weather forecast for the day was not brilliant, so I did expect anyone to be at start of the ride in Shap and I was not that disappointed when there was know one other than me on the ride, I was not going waste cost of the fuel in getting to Shap from Halton by turning around and going home, I tend to treat these rides when I am myself on the ride as a opportunity to get more artistic with the camera when taking photos on rides and as you may have notice over the past few weeks I am getting a bit more creative with playing around with the image when I get home from the ride, after spending a bit of money on some photo plug ins for laptop which is starting to allow the artist in me to out.

Getting back to ride, Shap is quite good starting point for a ride but its on border point on what members are willing to spend on fuel on getting there which is pity once you get away from the A6 /M6 corridor the lanes are quite with very traffic on them, with great views all around you with the Lakeland Mountains to West of you, the Pennine Mountains to East of you, the hills of the Howgill Fells and the Lunesdale to South of you and the valleys that run into River Eden to the North of you, when you add this up it make good cycle touring area to explore and in my view under explore by most cyclist and mountain bikers.

I think riding with Steve last week is start rub off me as did not stop at Abbey Coffee Shop for brew on my way out of Shap but did take a photo of the coffee shop for the Cyclist’s Cafe Guide.

I then headed out of Shap, by following the lanes down to Keld, where turn on to old water board road where there some brand new signs point out to motorist that they should not drive along this road as they could damage their vehicles and also that its a private road which is not open to motor vehicles. On the Ordnance Survey map of the area it is class as permitted bridleway so you okay to ride your bike along it, and was overtake by two motorist as follow it across to Mardale. You get some classic views from both sides of the road with the Eastern Lakeland Mountains and interesting valley like Swindale to going exploring up on one side and on other side views looking down into the Lowther Valley.

From Mardale I follow the lanes down into Bampton and was pass by cycling club going the opposite to me heading up Mardale.

In Bampton, I was going to stop at the tearoom at the village store but the tearoom was closed but store was open so continue on through the village and continue to follow the tarmac down the valley, I can say that I was not disappoint with the views but as I got near Helton, I turn off the main valley road and followed the bridleway up on to Askham Fell. Once on Askham Fell, I followed the bridleway towards Pooley Bridge for some distance before turn off it to follow the bridleway down to Askham (I should point out I did spend a bit of time trying find right track to follow down to Askham). Once in Askham, I stop for some lunch under shelter of a tree.

After my lunch break, I headed through Askham and then cross over the River Lowther via Askham Bridge, then climbing through Lowther Park with the classic view of Lowther Castle in the distance across the Park, then followed the road through Newtown and inviting sign adverting the Wall Garden Tea Room which I had to try out as I never been there before and must say have a lot of nice cakes on display for you try out, plus a warm fire.

After the refueling stop, I followed lanes through Lowther Village which stopping a few minutes to admire the building and maybe take a photo or two.

From Lowther, I headed through Hackthorpe, then short section on the A6 before lanes through Great Strickland where I stop take a photo of the Jubilee tree, then continue on through the village following the lanes across to Morland where there is other tearoom which look like its worth trying out on another ride. Its worth spending some time looking around Morland as there interesting church to look around plus a foot bridge across the beck which spend a bit of time taking photos of and for those of you love crossing fords there a interesting one by the foot bridge to try and cross if you dare.

From Morland, I followed the lanes over Morland and Sleagill Moors before following the tarmac into Sleagill which is quite hamlet. After making my way through the hamlet there bit more road work to do as I followed the road to Reagill, just out Reagill, I followed the bridleway across to Threaplands, there some good views looking back into the Eden Valley from this bridleway but half way along this bridleway once pass through the farm, the storm clouds were brewing as treated to heavy shower of rain which I had to cape on fore, it first time I have use it in several month for main purpose of keeping me dry. I was soon back on tarmac and follow the lanes back to Shap where my van was park.

You can click here to download  GPS route files of the route. To find out where we going next checkout forthcoming events page and don’t forget to post comment on our forum. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter. You may find more photos taken on this ride by other members posted up on the South Lakes Flickr Group.

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