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22nd September 2013: A ride to Elterwater

This helicopter was park in a garden at Ashes.

The cake photo at Wilf’s Cafe in Staveley.

Looking back at the top of climb out of Ings.

A view of Tarn near Borwick Fold.

A view of Little Borwick Fold.

Leaf on the road.

Hawthorn tree on the skyline.

Sunlight on moss at the side of the B 5284

A view of Lake Windermere from the bridleway to Low Wray.

A view of the trees at side of the bridleway.

Looking back up the bridleway.

An interesting sign to cyclists

A view of log at side of the bridleway.

A view of grass at side of the track.

A view of the church near Wray Castle.

A view of the gate house near Wray Castle.

A view of two tree near Low Wray.

A view of fence post on new off-road section of national cycle route 6 to Ambleside.

Looking across the fields with Wray Castle in the background.

Leaf on Moss at side of the track in Pull Wood.

A view of the bridge over Pull Beck.

A view of Mortimere.

Signpost at Clappersgate.

Stopping to look at the view from Bog Lane.

The view from Skelwith Fold up the Brathay Valley.

The seed head of Rose-bay Willowherb at start of national cycle route 37 in Skelwith Bridge.

A view of tree at side of the River Brathay.

A view of rock on the shore of Elterwater

A swan and a duck on Elterwater.

A lunch time view.

The view of Great Langdale Beck from the bridge at Elterwater

A view Sawrey’s Wood.

A view looking up Great Langdale from the bridleway through the Slate Quarry.

Autumn colour outside Walthwaite, I cycle pass this twice after discovering that my jacket had fallen out of my saddlebag just pass High Close Youth Hostel. Lucky for me I found on wall at start of the bridleway up to Slate Quarry.

The cake photo at Brambles Cafe in Chapel Stile.

A view of Grasmere from  bridleway along Loughrigg Terrace

Another view of Grasmere from bridleway along Loughrigg Terrace.

A view of Rydal Water.

Another view of Rydal Water.

Stepping stones across the River Rothay were close.

The view looking down the Rothay Valley from the stepping stones.

A tree on the side of bank of the River Rothay

A view of cows in a field above Crosses Farm.

The view looking back cross the fields down into the Windermere Valley.

Ride report by Simeon Orme

I could be multi millionaire if I could just work out why folk out on cycle ride, I have be leading cycle rides for the South Lakes Group for over 17 years now and before that for Lancaster CTC section where I learn the art of leading ride but I still can’t tell why folk come on a ride when pouring down with rain all day and not come out on ride on bright sunny day, its still a mystery to me but one thing I have learn over years of leading rides the only person need to please is your self and if  I  have enjoy ride that I have led its been a good ride that is only thing that matters at end of the day.

I always treat it as honour that some one want come on a ride that I lead, yes I maybe a master runs leader and enjoy the company of other cyclists on rides, listening to there tails of travelling abroad or in the UK or generally chatting about what happen over the past week as we cycle along on ride looking at the views, testing our ridding skills on the off-road sections of the ride, stopping to take that prize wining photo and stopping at a cafe or tearoom for brew and cake but it still a mystery to me when you brilliant forecast for the day and when get to start of the ride there know one there other than your self, I could have hung around at Ashes Lane for extra few minutes after 10am I would had the company of the Mik but know one had turn up by ten, when the South Lakes Group meets at Ashes Lane we head down to Staveley for a brew at Wilf’s Cafe, so once it had turn ten I headed off along Ashes Lane, hoping to see another member waiting for me at Wilf’s Cafe, the first section of Ashes Lane across Rather Heath is tarmac up to camping club site where its turns into proper track and once climb pass the campsite, you get some classic views of the National Park looking across the Kentmere, the lane turns back to tarmac at Ashes where helicopter was park on lawn at one houses that make up the small hamlet of Ashes, yes there quite a bit of wealth in the South Lakes Area, once I got to top of Ashes Lane there was no Norman waiting, so I headed down Crook Road in Staveley for brew at Wilf’s Cafe, again there was one waiting for me there!

So once I had my coffee and cake, I headed out of Staveley following the cycle path along side the A591 to Ings where I cross over the A591 and then followed the lanes up to Borwick Fold which can be testing climb with some good views looking back to mountains at back of Kentmere Valley.

After passing through the hamlet of Borwick Fold, I followed the lanes through Outrun Nook and down to the B5284 which I followed down to Ferry Nab where I had just few minutes wait to get on Ferry. One thing about using the ferry to get across Windermere, you can have good chat with other cyclists on the ferry as well looking at world class views across the lake.


Once I back on dry land, I follow the bridleway along the shore of Lake Windermere up to Low Wray and then it was back on tarmac again for about mile before following new off-road section of national cycle route six which I followed through Pull Wood and around to Pull Wyke where I rejoin the tarmac for small section before turning on to another off-road section of route six which took me down to outskirts of Clappergate where I turn on to Bog Lane which I followed up to Skelwith Fold and then followed the lane down to Skelwith Bridge where I followed the off-road section of national cycle route 37 up to Elterwater, stopping at the bottom of the lake where the River Brathay runs out of it, for lunch with its fine view of the lake and the Langdales in the background.

After lunch, I followed the cycle path up to Elterwater Village, from there the public byway up pass Elterwater Hall and through Sawrey’s Wood before following the bridleway through the Slate Quarry and down to Chapel Stile. I then headed through Chapel Stile and followed the lanes through Walthwaite and then slowly climb pass High Close  before dropping down to the start of the bridleway along Loughrigg Terrace where I discover that my jacket had fall out of my saddlebag, so I retrace my steps and was lucky find it hanging across a wall at start of the bridleway up to Slate Quarry.

So after finding my jacket, I call in at Brambles Cafe in Chapel Stile for a brew and cake and to refuel for climb back pass High Close  which worth it for the stunning views of Grasmere from the bridleway along  Loughrigg Terrace and then followed the lower route along the shore of Rydal Water, then headed down the public byway to Pelter Bridge, then the back road down to Ambleside.

I did not fancy off-road route from Ambleside over to Troutbeck so I stay on the A591 for few miles until I got to Troutbeck Bridge where followed the lanes over to Ings, then cycle path along side the A591 back to Staveley, then Crook Road and then headed back along Ashes Lane to my van park at end of the lane.

You can click here to download  GPS route files of the route. To find out where we going next checkout forthcoming events page and don’t forget to post comment on our forum. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter. You may find more photos taken on this ride by other members posted up on the South Lakes Flickr Group.

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