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20th October 2013: A ride around the Rawthey Valley

A photo inside Smatt’s Duo Cafe Bar in Sedbergh where the ride started from.

A view of Fairfield Mill from Garsdale Bridge.

A view of the Howgill Fells from the A683.

Heading up the lane to Bluecaster Side.

A view from the lane of the Howgill Fells.

Heading along the public byway from Bluecaster Side towards Rawthey Bridge.

Looking back along the Public Byway towards Bluecaster Side.

Heading along the bridleway towards Uldale.

Regrouping stop on the bridleway.

Our bikes at the bridge over the River Rawthey.

Moss on fence post.

A lunch stop view.

A lunch time view.

A bit bogging in places as we followed the bridleway down to A683 from near Foggy Gill.

Looking back up bridlleway towards Foggy Gill

By the fire at The Cross Keys Temperance Inn at Cautley for our afternoon brew stop.

By the fire at The Cross Keys Temperance Inn at Cautley for our afternoon brew stop.

 At The Cross Keys Temperance Inn at Cautley for our afternoon brew stop.

The cake photo at The Cross Keys Temperance Inn at Cautley.

A view of the outside of The Cross Keys Temperance Inn at Cautley.

Crossing over the River Rawthey via footbridge at Cautley.

A regrouping stop a bit further along the bridleway.

A view looking back up the bridleway from one of many gates towards Cautley.

A view looking back up the bridleway from Fawcett Bank.

Another regrouping at the bridge of Hobdale Beck.

Ride Report by Simeon Orme

We met up at Smatt’s Duo Coffee Bar in Sedbergh for pre ride brew and chat, we join on this adventure into the hills  with two riders from the Yet Another Cycling Forum  Ruth and Marcus.

After our brewstop we were soon heading out of Sedbergh on the A683 before turning on to A684 which we stay on for about a mile, before heading along the delightful public byway to Garsdale Bridge. At the bridge we stop a few minutes to regroup and look at the view up the River Clough towards The Fairfield Mill Art and Heritage Centre before continue along the lane back on to the A683. We soon had another regrouping due mechanical problems with one of the rider’s bikes, we soon on our way again with some good views of the Howgill Fells to enjoy, as we headed up the Rawthey Valley towards Cautley. After around good mile on this ‘A’ road, we followed the lane up to Bluecaster Side which is a bit of climb out of the Valley, once we pass through this very small hamlet the tarmac ran out, like the early morning sunshine which was soon to replace with rain, we continue on along the public byway and then after about mile we headed up the bridleway towards Uldale, there was quite a bit of pushing of bikes along this track, as it was quite wet under foot in places, we were rewarded with some Autumn Colour at Uldale where stop under cover of the trees by the River Rawthey for lunch.

After lunch there was  a bit pushing our bikes up the track before we rejoin the tarmac again, after crossing over Black Moss, we left the tarmac again to follow a interesting bridleway down to the A683, which end up to be to technical for one rider who end up on his backside with his bike above him but we soon on our way again and back on the tarmac heading down to The Cross Keys Temperance Inn at Cautley for our afternoon brewstop.

After our warm up in front of the fire inside the Inn, we cross over the River Rawthey to followed the bridleway down the valley towards Sedbergh, its is interesting track in places and can be quite technical with fine views of the valley. After a few miles we were back on tarmac and heading back to Sedbergh.

You read Ruth ride report of the ride on Yet Another Cycle Forum at this link.

You can click here to download  GPS route files of the route. To find out where we going next checkout forthcoming events page and don’t forget to post comment on our forum. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter. You may find more photos taken on this ride by other members posted up on the South Lakes Flickr Group.

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