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19th May 2013: A ride to Toby’s Arch

Wild Garlic at the side of the Lune Valley Cycle Path.

Weeds on the wall at Halton Park.

A view of Halton Park.

Spring leaf colour on Park Lane.

Cuckoo Flower at side of Aughton Road.

Perenial Cornflower coming into flower at side of Aughton Road.

A view of the church at Gressingham.

A view of the public byway between Melling and Old Wennington.

Ferns at side of the public byway.

The cake photo at Cafe 27 in Burton-in-Lonsdale.

The menu.

Cow Parsley at the side of the road

Diamond Jubilee Memorial in Lower Westhouse.

This was in flower at side of the road in Higher Westhouse (can anyone help with a plant name)

Primroses on Westgate Lane.

Toby’s Arch.

A bit more information about the arch at this link.

A lunchtime view.

The view looking up Kingsdale.

A view of the River Twiss from the footbridge looking up Kingsdale.

A view of a rock at side public byway to Twisleton Hall.

The view looking towards Ingleborough

Wood Anemones on Oddies Lane.

Early Purple Orchid on Nutgill Lane.

Also in flower on Nutgill Lane.

The view at end of Nutgill Lane.

A view of Greystonegill Bridge.

Jacob Sheep in a field near New House.

The view from Furnessford Bridge up the Hindburn Valley.

A view looking across the fields towards Roeburndale.

Lords-and-Ladies at side of Lune Valley Cycle Path near Bull Beck Bridge

Ride report by Simeon Orme

The weather forecast for the plan ride on Saturday were grim by late afternoon on Friday for the plan South Lakes Group ride from Shap to Mosedale Cottage, so the decision was made to cancel ride as it pointless for ride leader to travel up to Shap and find he was only person at start of the ride and then have make a decision go out for ride in the rain or come home, let just say from past experience of leading rides starting from Shap, when it rains it rains and you better finding some to do inside or go else where but when weather is dry you can find some best off-road cycle touring in Northern England.

Unfortunately for me on Sunday which was better day for cycling I had appointment at work first thing in the morning to do a few hours work before I could go out to play on my bike but three group members met up in Shap on Sunday and did a ride up to Mosedale Cottage, you can see photos of the ride on Ian’s flicker account at this link.

So after doing my few hours at work, I decide to do follow my nose ride which a lot of South Lakes Group members think I do on most rides I lead but I did not have fix direction where I wanted to go so I head down Halton Station and followed the cycle path up to Crook n’Lune where I turn off Lune Valley cycle path to follow the cycle/ footpath along side Low Road, then head up Park Lane before stopping to take a few photos of Halton Park which as one those lovely old houses in its grounds which you see all way up the Lune Valley. From Halton Park there was a bit more climbing to do before I headed along Kirkby Lonsdale Road then soon turn on to Aughton Road progress was slow as kept stopping to take photos but I soon heading through Grassingham where I stop to take a photo of the church before heading along Fleet Lane down to the Loyn Bridge which I use to re cross over River Lune. From there it was up A683 to Melling where I headed through the village and followed the public byway towards Old Wennington, as I was getting near end of the track I hit a problem of lambs on the track who would not find field to go in to and carrying on down the track in front of me which can be quite a problem for cyclists on tracks at this time of year, I could of continue along the track and risk herding on to tarmac so decide to back track a little bit to Hill Top and followed the lanes around to Old Wennington where I cross over border from Lancashire into North Yorkshire as most of the hamlet of Old Wennington is in Lancashire and the other part in North Yorkshire I wonder what different there is in Council Tax and does the dustbin men come on different days! Anyway getting back to ride there was bit of climbing to do as I follow Back Lane into North Yorkshire before following the lanes down in to Greta Valley where I did a bit of exploring by going to have a look at the Woodland’s Trust Greta Wood at Spittle Bank near Burton-in-Lonsdale you can find more information about the wood on the Woodland Trust Website at this link. After looking around the wood I headed into Burton-in-Lonsdale for a brew and cake at Café 27 at Burton Village Stores, you can find more information about the village store at this link. The cafe is open daily from 10am to 2pm but maybe open later at weekends.

After my brewstop, I followed the lanes from Burton-in-Lonsdale through Lower Westhouse and cross over the A65 at Higher Westhouse where I headed up Westgate Lane stopping parting way up the climb to look at Toby’s Arch. After looking at Arch, I did bit more climbing before stopping at the viewing point at end of Westgate Lane to have some lunch.

After lunch there was a bit more climbing to do before dropping down into Kingsdale where followed the public byway to Twisleton Hall. From Twisleton Hall, I followed Oddie’s Lane down into Ingleton where I cross back over the A65 to follow the lanes over to Lowther Hill where I saw my first Early Purple Orchid of the year on Nutgill Lane, after crossing over the B6480, I head down Greystonegill Lane to cross over River Wenning at Greystonegill Bridge then was bit more climbing to do before joining Mewith Lane at New House.

I follow Mewith Lane for the next few miles to end of the lane at the Green where headed down Furnessford Road to cross over the River Hindburn via the Furnessford Bridge there some nice views of the Hindburn Valley from the bridge. From the bridge there was bit of steep climb out valley where got off my bike to doing a bit pushing the bike up the hill. Then it was case of following the lanes through Bottom before dropping down to Wray where I was bit to late have brew at Bridge House Farm Tearoom. From Wray it was case of following the tarmac back down the Lune Valley to Bull Beck Bridge where I join the Lune Valley Cycle Path which followed back to Halton.

You can click here to download  GPS route files of the route. To find out where we going next checkout forthcoming events page and don’t forget to post comment on our forum. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter. You may find more photos taken on this ride by other members posted up on the South Lakes Flickr Group.

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