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1st June 2013: A ride along High Street

Steve heading up Moorhowe Road.

A view of tree from Longmire Road with Lake Windermere in the background.

The start of the off-road cycling at around 10am we did see the tarmac again another five and half hours.

A view from Longmire Lane

Steve at the start of High Street track.

A tree at side of the track.

Looking back a bit further up the track.

Heading up the Hagg Gill Valley.

Looking back down the Hagg Gill Valley.

Heading up the track, you can see the big of the day up Park Fell at end of the valley.

Looking back down the Hagg Gill Valley from the start of the climb up Park Fell.

We stop for some thing to eat before started the climb.

Looking back down track from part way up Park Fell.

Looking back down the track from a bit further up the climb.

Looking back at top of the climb

Steve heading down Racecourse Hill.

Looking back towards Thornthwaite Crag.

Looking back over the wall where we stop for another break.

The view from Rampgill Head looking towards Harter Fell.

A view of small tarn at side of the track.

Steve heading along the track.

Looking back from Loadpot Hill.

The view from Loadpot Hill of the northern part of the Lakes (Click photo to see full size image).

Looking back towards Barton Fell from bridleway down to Roehead.

The end of the bridleway at Roehead.

The food photo in the Tea Garden at Granny Dowbekin’s Tearoom in Pooley Bridge.

The view from Pooley Bridge looking towards Ullswater.

Looking across the fields towards Ullswater as we head up A592.

A view looking back down Ullswater.

A view of Brothers Water from the A592.

Steve riding up Kirkstone Pass.

A view looking back down into the Trout Beck valley from A592.

A view of Troutbeck Park with Park Fell in the background where you can see route of the bridleway up Park Fell.

Ride Report by Simeon Orme

I must say it was bit disappointing to see  only Steve and Graham ( who came to see us off) at start of the ride at Ashes Lane with good weather forecast for day but maybe this due to folk looking at the map  and looking at the climb up Park Fell yes its steep but if I can doing at 48 years old and Steve can doing who is good 20 years older than me most of the membership of the RSF can do it, it only riding over Salter Fell Road twice in a day, so next time the High Street Ride gets put down on the forthcoming events programme of South Lakes Group don’t make any excuses about its going to be hard or bit beyond you, the hardest part of the ride is the climb up Park Fell which really a big push with two tricky sections where there a bit of lifting to do and its a lot easier with few more folk on the ride to help out with lifting but once the climbing is done its ride of views and well worth doing but you do need a clean day to do it on.

Anyway getting back to ride, we said our goodbyes to Graham at end of Ashes Lanes, and then headed down Crook Road into Staveley, then from Staveley along the cycle path along side the A591 up to Ings where we headed up Moorhowe Road and followed it over towards Troutbeck. As we dropping down into the Trout Beck Valley we turn on to Longmere Road which was start of the off-road section of the ride getting there at around 10am after leaving Ashes Lane just after 9am, we would see tarmac until 3.30pm in the afternoon. Longmere Road is quite a easy track to ride along with fine views looking down into the Trout Beck Valley, once we cross over the Garbon Road, it got a bit harder as we headed up the Trout Beck Valley and then the the Hagg Gill Valley, the views were great looking back with bluebells in full bloom on the valley sides, it took us about a hour of riding and pushing the bikes to get to start of the climb up Park Fell where we stop for something to eat.

After we finishing eating and looking at the view, we set off up track up Park Fell which took us about 35 to 40 minutes to do with two stops get our breath back and look at the view, the first part of the climb up Park Fell is the hardest where some lifting to do over rock a good metre above you this where it important to have more than one rider on the ride to help with the lifting and then a bit further on there may bit more lifting where there been some erosion put after that its gently push up to ridge.

We did bother following the track up the beacon on Thornthwaite Crag like we did when the South Lakes Group last did the High Street ride in June 2009  but kept on bridleway and follow it over Racecourse Hill and across the Straights of Riggindale where we stop for another food break some time around 1pm where quite a few walkers stop to chat us and Steve told them about the RSF.

After we finished eating we continue to follow High Street which is old Roman Road over Rampsgill Hill and then High Raise before following the ridge along down to Wether Hill where its drops down a bit before we climb up and around Loadpot Hill then its plain sailing as we head down Barton Fell there were few boggy bits but we make it to main track we crosses over Askham Fell which we followed down to Roehead where we rejoin the tarmac and headed down to Granny Dowbekin Tearooms in Pooley Bridge for well earn afternoon brew.

After our brewstop we followed the A592 back up the Ullswater Valley, there was fine views all way up the valley before we started the climb up Kirkstone Pass which I rode part way up before getting fed up of riding up it but Steve rode up it.

From Kirkstone Pass we headed back down into Trout Beck Valley before following Moorhowe Road (Part away along Moorhowe Road we stop chat to Alistair who’s member South Lakes Group he was heading out on to the fells, you can read about his adventure at this link ) back over to Ings, then the cycle path along side A591 to Staveley and headed out of Staveley on the Crook Road where we stop another food stop before heading back along Ashes Lane, getting back to the cars just after 7pm.

You can click here to download  GPS route files of the route. To find out where we going next checkout forthcoming events page and don’t forget to post comment on our forum. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter. You may find more photos taken on this ride by other members posted up on the South Lakes Flickr Group.

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