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24th August 2013: A ride to the Winster Valley

The cake photo at Farleton View Tearoom where the ride started from.

Hens on the road at Wath Sutton.

Geese in the field at Wath Sutton.

A view of Stainton Beck from Deepthwaite Bridge.

A fern on Deepthwaite Bridge.

A view of farm building in Deepthwaite.

A tree on the sky line.

The tower in Heverham.

Looking back down a lane in Leasgill.

A view of the River Kent near Low Levens Farm.

Another view of the River Kent looking back towards Eversley in the background.

A swan on the River Kent.

The view looking across the fields towards Whitbarrow.

Rose-Bay Willowherb on the banking of cycle path along side the A590.

A view of the cycle/ foot bridge across drainage dyke.

A bee in a flower on the old A590.

Guelder-rose berries.

Trees in a field.

Sheep on Meathop Marsh.

A view Kendal House Farm at Meathop.

A view of the River Winster taken from the Meathop New Bridge.

Seed heads on the bridleway from Wilson House to Nichols Wood Farm.

The view looking across the A590 which the bridleway crosses.

Two horses in a field by the bridge over River Winster near Nichols Wood Farm.

A view of the bridge over River Winster near Nichols Wood Farm.

Lunch time view.

A view looking back down the bridleway towards Nichols Wood Farm.

At start of the public byway from Bleacrag Road in Witherslack.

A bit further along the byway.

A old gate at start of the bridleway from Knott Wood to Witherslack Hall Farm.

A view from the bridleway looking up the Winster Valley.

A view looking back down the bridleway.

A view of Lawns Wood.

A view of the bridleway to Beck Head.

A view of the beck at Beck Head  (The photo above was using Topaz Simplify plug in which in the post on the Saturday morning).

Another a view of the beck from the bridge at Beck Head . (The same view with out the photo plug in.).

A view of Bear at side of the road in Mill Side.

The view looking towards Causeway End from the bridge across the main drainage dyke near Sampool Bridge.

A view of tree in a field on the road to Causeway End.

The view of the River Kent from Levens Bridge.

Another view of the River Kent from Levens Bridge.

A view of the River Bela with Milnthorpe Bridge in the background.

The cake photo at Tearoom at the Old Post Office at Beetham.

A fly in wild rose near Cinderbarrow.

Same photo playing about with PhotoZoom Pro 5.

Rose Hips near Cinderbarrow.

A view from Lancaster Canal of crops in a field near Tewitfield.

A view of the Canal Towpath near Kellet Lane Bridge.

Ride report by Simeon Orme

After riding up to the start of ride at Farleton View Tearoom, I found that I was only person on the ride maybe this something to do with being a Bank Holiday Weekend or the poor weather forecast.

Anyway with only me on the ride it gave me a opportunity to stop and play with my camera as I had bought some photo plug-in software earlier on the week which I had to pick up from Lancaster Sorting Office before coming out on the ride, so that I could play with the software later on in the Bank Holiday Week.

Once I had finish my coffee and  cake, I head off, following the lane from Wath Sutton up to Woodlands. After crossing over the B6385, I followed the lanes into Deepthwaite where there a bit of climb out of this hamlet before I drop down to Woodhouse where it was fairly easy ride along the lanes down to Heversham where stop to take a photo of the church tower. From Heversham, I  followed the road through Leasgill and then down on to A6 for section of ‘A’ road around Levens Hall before following the delightful lane pass Low Levens Farm to High Sampool where I  turn on the public byway which then turns into bridleway which as now got tarmac surface on it, I think this something do with try encourage cyclists to use this bridleway instead of riding on the A590 which had not work with two cyclists that I met at end of the bridleway who had stop for a bite to eat and were following a car road map and were planning on following the A590 up to Newby Bridge, I did explain there was better ways of getting there put later saw them heading up Lindle Hill on the A590.

Any way once I crossed over the A590, I headed through Sampool Bridge, then along the cycle path along side the A590 which I followed on to ‘Old A590’ which is now quite lane which runs parallel to the new A590 which motorists do seem treat it like still on the M6. Anyway I did stop a few times to take a few photos before getting to Longhowe End where I followed the bridleway under the A590 before following the road across Meathop Moss and then Meathop Marsh into Meathop where I had another stop to take a photo of Kendal House Farm. From Meathop, I followed the lane down to Meathop New Bridge before short section on the B5277 which I turn off it near Wilson House to followed the bridleway to Nichols Wood Farm which interesting to do as there could be tricky section across the A590 if there a lot traffic, I was lucky there was no traffic when I cross over, after that it quite delightful bridleway as followed it across a few fields before crossing over River Winster by a bridge near Nichols Wood Farm where I stop for some lunch, you could believe how quite it was!

After lunch I continue along the bridleway pass the farm and through Nichols Wood, once I was out of the wood it turn back into tarmac lane which followed through to Bleacrag Road  which I did a short section before followed a public byway which was new to me a short distance before turning on to some quite lanes which I followed up the Winster Valley for a bit before coming to start of the next track at Knott Wood. The first part of this track is a bit of push, as you climbing over the shoulder of Yew Barrow, then it levels out a bit before dropping down to Witherslack Hall Farm.

 From Witherslack Hall Farm there was short section of tarmac before following the bridleway down to Beck Head where there interesting Beck which is worth stopping at to take photo of by the bridge across the Beck.

After putting my camera away in Beck Head, I was soon getting it out again in Mil Side where there was a lovely carving of Bear at side of the Road.

From Mill Side, I retrace my steps earlier on in the day by following the ‘Old 590’ back to Sampool Bridge, then the lanes into Causeway End before heading through Levens before dropping down to A6 which I followed for about mile before following the lanes across Milnthorpe Marsh to the B5282 where had detour into Milnthorpe to see if there any cafes were open but there was nothing look like it was open, so I head back along B5282 after crossing over the River Bela via Milnthorpe Bridge, I followed the lane through Dalham Tower Deer Park over to Beetham where stop at the Tearoom at the Old Post Office which just been take over again by lovely couple who just been there for ten weeks, who made me most welcome and yes the cake, cream and strawberries were great.

After my brewstop, it was up the hill that Peter Kenner hates to Slack Head, yes its intersting climb but I must admit it was quite easy to but I am a lot fitter than I was few years ago I think this one reasons we don’t see Peter on South Lakes Group ride that often now. From Slack Head, I followed the lanes down to A6 which crossed over to followed Moss Lane over Burton Moss, then the lanes through to Cinderbarrow before following towpath along side the Lancaster Canal to Kellet Lane Bridge, then the lanes back home to Halton.

You can click here to download  GPS route files of the route. To find out where we going next checkout forthcoming events page and don’t forget to post comment on our forum. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter. You may find more photos taken on this ride by other members posted up on the South Lakes Flickr Group.

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