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26th January 2013: A ride to Heversham

At the Refreshment Room at Carnforth Railway Station where the ride started from.

Inside the Refreshment Room on Carnforth Railway Station.

Sunlight on a wall as we head toward Silverdale.

Snow on the ground as we followed the road through the woods in Challan Hall Allotment.

Looking back along the road towards Challan Hall.

The view across fields looking towards Arnside Tower.

The view looking along the shore line toward Arnside and the viaduct across the River Kent.

Looking across the shore toward Southern Lakeland Mountains from the discuss Railway Track.

Snow on fence post, looking down the shore towards Sandside.

A view of the River Kent from Sandside.

Looking down the shore at Sandside towards Milnthorpe Bridge.

Following the Marsh Road across Milnthorpe Marsh.

A view across the fields with St Anthony’s Tower in the background.

Heading along the Marsh Road towards Heversham.

A view of the Marsh Drain looking towards Collage Green Farm.

Lunch time view in Heversham.

John having his lunch.

At The Garden Cafe at Beetham Nurseries

The cake photo at the Garden Cafe.

Once we cross over the border between Lancashire and Cumbria there was no snow on the ground so we could ride on the quite lanes again.

Ride Report by Simeon Orme

There was no snow on the ground as rode my through the quite lanes to Carnforth, I did manage to find the only bit of black ice in the car park at Carnforth Railway Station at end up on my backside. After picking my self up of the ground with no damage, I headed over to Refreshment Room for a brew where I join John and Ian.

I am not going post up gps route file of the route because it was one of those days of just getting out there and seeing the views, trying stay on your bike with out falling off which was quite a challenge on our route on the tarmac through Cumbria.

Also coming conclusion that part of having driver’s licence to drive a car in the UK, you must do x number of miles on a bike which would cut down on number of accidents on our roads involving cars and bikes because most motorists on roads around Cumbria were going to fast for the weather conditions especially along the B5282 between Arnside and Milnthorpe, its not rocket science to pass a bike on a road, slow down and wait for the traffic to clean coming the other way and then over take. Also don’t drive through pools of waters when passing cyclists which only splash or soak the cyclist with water which is not funny and its like someone throwing bucket at water at you which most would folk strongly object to unfortunately we live in culture where most of the population as to get from A to B as fast as possible, maybe its time we have rethink in the way we do things and use two feet or two wheels to get about and take time to stop and look at the view, also live nearer our places of work so that we don’t have use the motor car that often.

Any way that enough of me moaning about motor cars, over the past week I use my van once to do weekly shop in and rest of the time rode to work and back again which is around trip of 11 miles that 4 and half miles going to work and bit longer coming back. I will let you work out how much you save by riding to work on your bike.

Any way getting back to ride, the biggest mistake of the day we made was riding north towards Cumbria we should stay around North Lancashire. Once we finish chatting in the Refreshment Room we headed out of Carnforth over cycle/foot bridge over the River Keer, then followed the road along the coast toward Silverdale, then around pass Red Bridge before heading through Waterslack where our problems with lack salt on the roads started, the ride pace drop as we had to slow down be more careful as we followed the lanes around to Arnside, the views were great and well worth the effort, once we got to Arnside we decide head along the B 5282 towards Milnthrope, we stop a few times to look at the views and take photos but once we got to Milnthorpe Bridge we decide to get off the ‘B’ road due to the idiots driving cars to fast for the road conditions, this may have been mistake as sort rode or push our bikes along the Marsh Road to Heversham where we stop for some lunch in the church yard.

After lunch, we headed through Heversham, then followed the A6 through Milnthrope, stopping for a brew at the Garden Cafe at Beetham Nurseries, the service was bit slow as we waited about 15 minutes in a queue to be serve the cakes were good and Ian was happy because they glutton free cakes.

After brew stop, we carry along the A6 for next mile or so, once we cross over the border between Cumbria and Lancashire, there was not much snow on the ground so we turn off the A6 and followed Moss Lane across Burton Moss, then lanes through Hilderstone and Cinderbarrow then a short section on the A6070  before following the lanes through Priest Hutton and Borwick then heading along Kellet Lane towards Carnforth, near Pastordale I said my goodbyes to Ian and John who head back to Carnforth and I continue along the lanes back to Halton.

The route was nothing to write home about but it day of good views when I finally got home I did around 30 miles which not bad for day and the conditions on the road.

Check out Ian’s photos of the ride at this link. To find out where we going next checkout forthcoming events page and don’t forget to post comment on our forum. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter. You may find more photos taken on this ride by other members posted up on the South Lakes Flickr Group.

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