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20th January 2013: A ride to Dent.

Outside the Cariad Coffee House in Kirkby Lonsdale.

The cake photo at The Cariad Coffee House in Kirkby Lonsdale where the ride started from.

Heading along Chapel Lane towards the Church at Mansergh.

A bit further along Chapel Lane.

At the start of the bridleway at The Birks in Mansergh.

Chatting at end of the bridleway at Woodside Plantation.


A few of the River Lune from Rigmaden Bridge.

Heading along Low Lane to Abba Farm.

Following the lane to Middleton Hall Bridge.

On the bridleway from Jordan Lane to Hue Bank.

Setting off after regrouping stop at a gate.

A bit further along the bridleway.

At top of the climb over Holme Fell.

At bottom of Dentdale looking up the valley towards Rash Bridge.

Heading up the valley.

Both cafes were close for day in Dent.

Lunch time view.

John at top of Barbondale.

Looking up the Occupation Road which other four riders in the group where doing from Dent.

The cake photo at the cafe at Casterton Golf Course.

The view of the River Lune from Devil’s Bridge at Kirkby Lonsdale.

Ride Report by Simeon Orme

The road were ice free, as I rode the 11.8 mile up the Lune Valley to start of the ride at the Market Square in Kirkby Lonsdale where John was waiting, so instead waiting in the cold we headed to nearest cafe The Cariad Coffee House which was open, we soon join by Norman who also had rode to start from Carnforth, then by Chris, Alistair and Ian.

I should point out that our ride policy in Winter is that we don’t cancel rides due to bad weather like our friends at Lancaster CTC did for their Sunday ride to Chipping, the only reason that ride as be cancel in past few years was due to large amount snow on the M6 making it impossible to get start of ride at Ashes Lanes, on that day I was one of two members who try to get to start of the ride and gave up!

In my view, cold weather is not reason for cancelling a ride, you dress for the weather conditions and venture out and see what out there, there always scope for adjusting a ride to suit the weather conditions which most members of South Lakes Group know I do regularly on rides.

So the only reason South Lakes Group ride would be cancel if the weather conditions made it impossible for anyone to get to the start of the ride, I hope this clean things up and Lancaster and South Lakes CTC user group members are always welcome on South Lakes Group rides when their club ride is cancel due to bad weather, you never know you may enjoy our group club rides!

Anyway getting back to the ride, it was noted that John and Alistair were on new bikes and some discussion in the cafe about John’s new bike and only thing I am going to say is that E-bay does very well out of John on commission when he upgrade is bike every few months, so after warming up in the cafe we hit the tarmac and followed  the B6254 out of Kirkby Lonsdale to Kearstwick where the lanes up the Lune Valley to Mansergh Hall where we turn on to Chapel Lane our first track of the day which we followed up to Church at Mansergh, then it was a bit of tarmac before taking our next track a bridleway from the The Birks down Woodside Plantation where we return to the tarmac again and followed the road up the valley pass Rigmaden Park before enjoying a freewheel down to Rigmaden Bridge where we cross over River Lune then there was bit more road work before we turn on to Low Lane a delightful public byway which follow around pass Abba Farm and Abbey Farm to the A683 which join for short section before joining the side lanes which we followed around to Middleton Bridge where we rejoin the A683 which we stay on about a mile as we headed through Middleton Head, then we turn on to Jordan Lane, after a bit more road work we hit our next track a bridleway we followed to Hu Bank where we had to stop for Chris to mend a puncture.

After the puncture was mended we climb over Holme Fell and we followed the lanes up Dentdale through Lenacre and Gawthrop up to Dent where we had lunch in shelter by the car park due to all the cafes in Dent being Shut.

After lunch we split in two groups with me and John heading back down the dale to Gawthrop before following the road over into Barbondale, then head down Barbondale before following back to Casterton where we stop for a brew at the cafe at Casterton Golf Course.

After our brewstop we follow the A683 down to Devil’s Bridge where I said my goodbyes to John and followed B6254 back down Lune Valley to Halton.

The other group followed the bridleway up Flinter Gill and then along Occupation Road before heading down Barbondale where they followed the bridleway below Barbon Manor down to Barbon before heading back to Kirkby Lonsdale.  

You can click here to download  24.5 mile GPS route files or click here download 25.6 mile GPS route files or check out photos of the ride on Al’s World at this link or check out Ian’s photos of the ride at this link. To find out where we going next checkout forthcoming events page and don’t forget to post comment on our forum. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter. You may find more photos taken on this ride by other members posted up on the South Lakes Flickr Group.

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