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 The 2013 Annual Report of The Rough-Stuff Fellowship Limited

Review of the Year

2013 saw our membership increase by 3%, as last year. The Easter Meet took us to Skipton in Yorkshire, which in the unusually cold spring was very snowy, but much enjoyed. Next year, we will be going to Dunster in Somerset, close by Exmoor. The Autumn Meet was held at Sherwood Forest Hostel, with good attendance and excellent weather.


Our membership stood at 632 (531 full members) at a late stage in the year, in comparison to 610 (519 full members) the previous year. This increase continues the upward trend started four years ago. About 40% of the full members have paid 5-year commuted subscriptions, also on an increasing trend. Renewals have slightly reduced on last year, but new memberships are up. About a sixth of membership fees are now paid on-line.

The Rough-Stuff Journal

The editor has continued to produce six timely journals per year, with shorter turnaround times assisted by the machine-wrapped and posting by the printer.


Mike Pringle has taken on the job of updating our website, following the resignation of John Brewer after many years of hard work. The website continues to have increasing importance as our main source of new members. Jane Gill has been active in seeking new ways to market the club, such as new publicity materials. Publicity expenditure has increased somewhat (£453), which includes expenditure to set up a textile badge for a new range of RSF shirts. Our main print advertising remain focused on the CTC, although we have made other adverts this year. New members continue to come mainly through the website www.rsf.org.uk


The Fellowship broke even (£26 surplus) for the year following a loss of £774 in the previous year, despite a small fall income, mainly because of a further reduction in printing costs. We again spent £150 supporting a further publication on Charlie Chadwick (1904-68), the first chairman of the RSF. Some of our government stocks recently matured, but with short term interest rates being close to zero there is no hurry to reinvest them. Our reserves remain around £17,000 and we budget to make a small loss and keep subscription prices unchanged, as they been since 2004.

Signed; Steven Griffith, Peter Kenner, Ivan Viehoff (Directors)

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