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14th  October 2012: A ride to Malham Tarn.

The cake photo at the Bridge House Farm Tearooms in Wray where the ride started from.

Regrouping on Mewith Lane.

The view looking towards Ingleborough.

Regrouping on Eldroth Lane, after the climb out of Eldroth.

Following the bridleway down to Craven Ridge Lane End.

The food photo at the Settle Down Cafe in Settle.

The view looking down into the Ribble Valley from the Pennine Bridleway as we climb out of Settle along the bridleway.

Heading along the Pennine Bridleway

A bit further along the bridleway.

On the start of the climb pass Victoria Cave, as we follow the Pennine Bridleway over to Langscar Gate.

Lunch time view.

Looking back on the climb up to Gorbeck Gate.

The view at the top of the climb.

Looking back at Langscar Gate.

Following the bridleway from Langscar Gate over Dean Moor Hill towards Malham Tarn.

Heading down towards Malham Tarn.

Reflections on the bridleway around Malham Tarn.

A view looking across Malham Tarn.

Another view of Malham Tarn.

A view looking across the Tarn Moss Nature Reserve.

A view of the cycle path along side the A65 between Clapham and Austwick.

A view of Claphm Beck in Clapham.

Stopping for eat up near Mewith Head.

The view looking towards Ingleborough at end of Mewith Lane.

The view looking down the Hindburn Valley from Mill Houses

Ride Report by Simeon Orme

After meeting up at the Bridge House Farm Tearoom and after having a brew in the tearoom, the four of us headed up the Hindburn Valley to Mill Houses where we followed the lanes through the hamlet of Russells back on to Long Lane which we cross over to follow Cross Lane up on to Mewith Lane which stay on for next several miles.

On the OS map Mewith Lane goes through several names changes as you head towards Settle but there always good views of the Three peaks of the Yorkshire Dales and the Bowland fells. Its a bit up and down route as the lane follows eastern side Wenning Valley with a bit of big climb up Dubgarth Hill where the lane changes its name to Eldroth Lane, we continue on the Lane through Eldroth up to Four Lanes End where we followed the bridleway over to Craven Ridge Lane Ends, then its was back on tarmac again as we followed Paley Green Lane down to Giggleswick Station where we cross over the A65 and headed into Settle for pre lunch brew at Settle Down Cafe.

The Settle Down Cafe is old fashion cyclist’s cafe, with a lot of cyclists in from several cycling clubs in my view cafe well worth supporting.

After we eaten and done bit more chatting, we headed through the streets of Settle to join the Pennine Bridleway which is quite a climb out of Settle, at some part of the climb we all had to get off our bikes to push them, we were well reward with some fine views of the Ribble Valley when the bridleway level off above Settle.

With the rain over pass week, it was bit difficult ridding and with one member of the party managing to fall off, in places you had to be careful, as we got nearer Langcliffe the Pennine Bridleway starts climb again before joining the tarmac, which we did short section on before following the public byway over Langscar Gate which part of Settle Loop of the Pennine Bridleway.

It was a lot easier ridding, as we did a lot more climbing pass Victoria Cave and on upwards, there were a lot of walker out on the route and few mountain bikers. We soon stop for late lunch at side of the track.

After lunch we continue along the track with some good views all around us.

Once all the climbing had been done it was fairly easy ride down to Langscar Gate as there a lot of hard core been put down on the track over last few months.

At Langscar Gate, we cross over the road, to follow the bridleway over Dean Moor Moor down to Malham Tarn.

Then we followed the bridleway around Malham Tarn stopping take a few photos and looking at the view.

Then it was bit more climbing to do pass Capon Hall before heading along Henside Road, as it was getting late in the afternoon at 3pm as we had about 20 miles of ridding to do to get back to Wray, we decided to stay on the tarmac for the rest of the ride.

So we continue along Henside Road, at end Henside Road there was steep climb up to Sannat Farm before Goat Lane down to Stainforth.

From Stainforth there was short section on the B6479 before following the lane over to Little Stainforth, then there a bit more climbing to do get over to Swarth Moor.

Then we on ‘B’ road which we followed through Wath and Austwick down to the A65, then it was on to new cycle track along side the A65 which we followed to B6480, which followed into Clapham.

From Clapham we followed the lane down to Clapham Station, then it was bit more climbing to do as we headed up Clapham Moor to Dubgarth Hill where we rejoin Mewith Lane which we followed back towards Wray stopping part along for eat up at Mewith Head.

After our eat up, we followed Mewith Lane and then Long Lane back to Wray where we said our goodbyes before heading for home in different directions.

You can click here to download the GPS route files of the route. There more photos of the ride on Al’s outdoor world at this link or checkout Ian’s photos of the ride on the forum at this link. To find out where we going next checkout forthcoming events page and don’t forget to post comment on our forum. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter. You may find more photos taken on this ride by other members posted up on the South Lakes Flickr Group.

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