26th May 2012: A ride to Summerhouse Hill

Sitting outside at the Refreshment Room on Carnforth Railway Station.

Heading along the bridleway from Kellet Lane to Borwick.

A view of Borwick Hall.

On the climb up from Keer Wood.

A scarecrow in Hutton Roof.

On the bridleway from Badger Gate to Thompson Fold.

We had lift our bikes over padlock gate and around the security fencing at Tompson Fold which was blocking the bridleway which is public right of way.

The cake photo at Kitridding Tea Room near Old Town.

Hattee the Pig at Kittridding Tea Room.

Heading along the bridleway from Barkin House Farm to High Fell House.

A view looking down to Wyndhammere from the bridleway between High Fell House and the Old Scotch Road.

A lunch time view.

Looking back down the bridleway from the Old Scotch Road.

Looking back down the bridleway on the climb up Summerhouse Hill from the A684.

The view looking down to the M6 and Killington Reservoir. The M6 is block South bound by accident and there a lot traffic following the A684 into Kendal to get back on the M6.

Stopping to look at the view on Summerhouse Hill.

A bit further down the bridleway.

Looking back up the briddleway from Fairthorns Road.

The cake photo at Farleton View Tearoom.

A view of Farleton.

A view of the locks on the Lancaster Canal at Tewitfield.

Ride Report by Simeon Orme

It was bit of disappointing turnout of just me and John at the starting point for the ride at the Refreshment Room on Carnforth Railway Station but as I explain to John, May and June months are start of  cycle touring holiday season where members can disappear for few weeks across the world or in some cases for several months to reappear on club rides later on year but another problem is the price of fuel for member’s cars which as cut the number of members coming from further field, its something that I have notice over past year or so and can not see changing in next few years.

It some thing everyone is thinking about is it worth spending £10 on fuel to drive hour or so up the motorway to spend a day out in the Lakes or the Yorkshire Dales with the South Lakes Group, usually the answer is no and these members tending go out on more local rides and will only come out on South Lakes Group ride if we doing something very special  which I can understand, so as the South Lakes Group is only local Rough-Stuff Fellowship group which as weekly club ride apart from the Lancashire Group, we tend to cater for those members living in the North Lancashire, South East Cumbria and Western parts of North Yorkshire who turn up on weekly club ride. Yes some our rides are long at this time of year but that way we like it and we do live in one of the best off-road cycle touring areas in the UK.

Any way getting back to ride, John was on is new Thorn’s bike which he got the day before and Andrew the owner of the Refreshment Room came out have a look it before we headed out of Carnforth following the road through Elpha and pass Hare Tarn up to Kellet Lane which did short distance before the bridleway from Kellet Lane into Borwick which was a bit over grown in places at the Borwick end of the bridleway.  In Borwick we followed the road up to Pheasant Field where we headed up Keer Holme Lane to Lancaster Bank where we followed the road through Keer Holme and then climb out of the Keer Valley up on to road which runs between Burton-in-Kendal and Whittington, we followed the road towards Whittington  for about mile before turning off it at Johnson House to take the lane towards Hutton Roof.

After heading through Hutton Roof we drop down into the Luton Valley and just pass Badger Gate we followed the bridleway over to Thompson Fold. At Thompson Fold we had to lift our bikes over lock gate and around some bulilder  security fencing which was blocking a public right of way before we could cross over A65.

After crossing over the A65, we followed the lanes up to Middle Row Farm and then Beck Lane to Kittridding Tearoom for a pre lunch Brew.

After our Brew Stop, we turn on to the B6254 and did a bit of climbing for the next mile up to Barkin House Farm where we turn on to next track and follow the bridleway acoss to High Fell House and around Wyndhammere, we stop for some lunch part way around, in shelter of a wall which gave us some protection from head wind that we had been riding into for most day so far!

After lunch we continue to follow the bridleway around and up to Old Scotch Road which stay on next few miles, as we got nearer Killington Reservoir we started to meet traffic going the other way which was bit usual as you do not much traffic on these lanes above the Lune Valley. We soon discover reason why once we turn on to the A684, the South Lane of the M6 had been block by accident near Killington Services and the police moving traffic off the M6 at Junction 37 and most of the traffic following the A684 to Kendal to get back on the M6. After following the A684 over the M6 and after bit of climbing we soon turn off the A684 at Roan Edge Quarry to follow the public byway then the bridleway up on to Summerhouse Hill. There some good views from the top of the hill looking down towards Morecambe Bay and back towards the Howgill Fells. From the summit of the bridlleway it was fast ride down the track with a tail wind behind us down to Fairthorns Road which soon turn into Ewebank Lane which we followed down to Borrans. From Borrans we followed the lanes down to Saint Sunday’s Bridge where we turn on to B6254 again and headed towards Middleshaw. In Middleshaw we turn on to Popplemire Lane which follow to Homescales, then the lanes through Gatebeck down to Crooklands where we cross over the A65 and headed to Farleton View Tearoom for afternoon brew.

After our brew stop, we followed our usual route through lanes passing through Farleton, Holme, Hilderstone and Cinderbarrow. Then following towpath along side Lancaster Canal pass the locks down to Tewitfield and then along Kellet Lane. At Pastordale, I said my goodbyes to John as he headed back to Carnforth and continue on Kellet Lane to ride back to Halton.    

You can click here to download the GPS route files of the route. To find out where we going next checkout forthcoming events page and don’t forget to post comment on our forum or in our Photo Guest Book. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter. You may find more photos taken on this ride by other members posted up on the South Lakes Flickr Group.

Click here to see 2nd June 2012 ride photos of the South Lakes Group ride up to the Calf on the Howgill Fells or click here to check out other Rough-Stuff Fellowship photo galleries on the web.

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