29thMarch 2012: A ride along the Old Shap Road and Borrowdale.

The cake photo at Farleton View Tearoom.

Heading down the lane to Stainton Bridge End.

A tree in a field above Kendal.

Looking back down Garth Row Lane.

Looking back down Dry Lane.

A view of a small tarn at side of Dry Lane.

A view of the ford on Dry Lane near the School at Brackenrigg Side.

A view of the church at Selside

Looking back down the bridleway to Plough Farm.

Heading along the bridleway to Bannisdale High Bridge.

Heading along the bridleway to Kid Howe.

A view of Borrow Beck.

A lunch time view.

A view looking back up the bridleway towards the A6

A bit further down Borrowdale.

The view from bridge across Borrow Beck as I head toward High Borrowdale.

The view looking back up the valley from High Borrowdale.

Looking back up the valley towards Low Borrowdale Farm.

Back on the tarmac again!

Looking back down the Fairmile Road.

Primroses on Howgill Lane.

A view looking down the Lune Valley from Howgill Lane.

The cake photo at the Duo Cafe Bar in Sedbergh.

A view looking back towards Sedbergh.

A tree in a field near Rash Bridge.

Early Spring Hedgerow Flower.

A view of the River Dee

Fern on Farm building wall near Gawthrop.

A view looking back down Dentdale.

At top of Barbondale.

Early evening sunlight on Bardondale Road.

A rock at the side of Barbondale Road.

The view above Barbon where I stop for eat up.

The view looking down the River Lune from Devil’s Bridge at Kirkby Lonsdale.

Dead trees in the evening sunlight as I was heading back down the Lune Valley.

Ride Report by Simeon Orme

After riding up to start of the ride at Farleton View Tearoom, there was know one else waiting for me so after enjoying a coffee and cake sitting outside the Tearoom. I followed the lane from Wath Sutton up to Woodlands, then short section on the B6385 to Lane Farm. From Lane Farm, I followed the lane down to Stainton Bridge End, then followed the lanes through Crosscrake and Barrow Green to A65. A Short section on the A65 before following the road along the Helm, then on to Hayclose Lane and then on to Paddy Lane there was some good views of Kendal in the Kent Valley below all way up these lanes from Oxenholme to Appleby Road (A685). Once I got to Appleby Road, I did short section on it before heading down Mealbank Road and then cross over the River Mint to followed Helme Lane up to the A6. Then headed up the A6 for short section before following the lane towards Burnside, after about mile I turn on to Garth Row Lane, which turns into public byway near Coppic Howe Farm, there quite a few signs all way up the lane advising motorist to not go any further as the tarmac was going to run out!

The public byway up to Garth Row was interesting and well worth doing again, from Garth Row I head back to the A6 and did a short distance on it down to Otter Bank. At Otter Bank, I did a bit of climbing on the tarmac before turning on to Dry Lane which I followed through to the School  at Brackenrigg Side and then the lanes up through Selside and rejoining the A6 near West View. I then back down the A6 for short distant before following the lane up to Plough Farm where I join the next track which I follow across to Bannisdale High Bridge where just a bit of road work before following the next track over to Kid Howe where I rejoin the A6 again. I stay on the A6 for the next half mile before following the bridleway from the A6 down into Borrowdale and stop for some lunch on the banks of Borrow Beck.

After lunch, I followed part of way down the valley a tractor towing a trailer who turn off the track at the first bridge near High Borrowdale. From then on it was quiet ride down the valley seeing only three groups of walkers. At the bottom of Borrowdale, I cross over the the A685 to follow the Fairmile Road and then Howgill Lane into Sedbergh for afternoon cafe stop at the Duo Cafe Bar.

After my cafe stop, heading out of Sedbergh on the Dent Road, which I followed into Dentdale and just before Dash, I cross over the River Dee via Dash Bridge to follow the lane up to Gawthrop. From Gawthrop it was bit of climb up to the top of Barbondale, then it was quite easy ride down Barbondale. I stop for eat up just above Barbon.

After eating all the contents of my lunch box, I follow the lanes down through Higher Casterton down to Devils Bridge at Kirkby Lonsdale.

From Kirkby Lonsdale I headed down the Lune Valley on the B6254 and then Kirkby Lonsdale Road back to Halton.  

By time I had got home there was 69.10 miles on the clock, the average speed of the ride was 9.3 miles per hour and 7 hours 25 minutes of riding time.

You can click here to download the GPS route files of the route. To find out where we going next checkout forthcoming events page and don’t forget to post comment on our forum or in our Photo Guest Book. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter. You may find more photos taken on this ride by other members posted up on the South Lakes Flickr Group.

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