2nd June 2012: A ride up to the Calf on the Howgill Fells.

The food photo at the Duo Cafe Bar in Sedbergh where the ride started from.

Following the bridleway up the side of Winder.

Looking back down into Sedbergh from the bridleway.

A bit further up the bridleway, looking back down the track.

Heading along the bridleway, with Arant Haw in the background.

Regrouping stop.

Looking back down the bridleway, as we followed the track around the side of Arant Haw.

Another regrouping stop.

Heading along the bridleway towards Calders

The view looking back from top of Calders.

Heading into the Cloud.

At the summit of the Calf.

Heading down into Bowderdale.

The view from the bridleway looking down toward Cautley.

A lunchtime view looking down into Bowderdale.

Another view looking down Bowderdale from our lunch stop.

Looking back up the bridleway from the lunch stop.

Following the bridleway down Bowderdale.

A bit further down Bowderdale.

Regrouping stop.

Looking back up Bowderdale.

A bit further down the track.

Horses at the side of track.

John shutting about last gate before we hit the tarmac.

The food photo at the Old School Tea Room in Tebay.

A farm building at Low Borrowbridge.

Looking back along the Fairmile Road.

Back in Sedbergh.

Ride Report by Simeon Orme

There was bit horse drawn traffic on the roads up the Lune Valley heading up to the Appleby Horse Fair in the Eden Valley which made me a bit late getting to start of the ride at the Duo Cafe Bar in Sedbergh.

I was soon join by Chris and John, after we done some chatting and eating we headed out of Sedbergh on Howgill Lane. After bit of climbing out of Sedbergh, we turn of the tarmac and followed the bridleway through Lockback Farm up on to fell side, the first part of the bridleway was mark out for fell race up to summit of Winder and back down to Sedbergh. We had push our bikes up first steep section of the track but after that we could ride quite alot of the bridleway up the side of Winder. Once we join the main ridge path we left the course of fell race and followed the bridleway around the side of Arant Haw before following the track towards the summit of Calders, which you could ride quite alot of the track until you got start of the climb up to the summit of Calders which was case of pushing our bikes up the climb. The good views disappear as we got summit of Calders, as the clouds roll in, we continue along the bridleway and we were soon at the summit of the Calf, it had take us around two hours to get the summit.

We got chatting to group of mountain bikers who want directions for Bowderdale, after showing them where go on map they headed off and soon followed by us, once the bridleway crosses over the Yorkshire Dales National boundary as you head down into Bowderdale it gets rough and turns into single track, we stop for lunch in the shelter of Bowderdale due to the strong wind on top of the Calf.

While we were eating our lunch the same group of mountain bikers we chatting to at the summit of the Calf were pushing bikes back up Bowderdale after doing the more technical part of ride down the valley and they stop to chat us again told us they were going else where, it does show different between mountain biking which is about the technical challenge of the ride and off-road cycle touring which is about going seeing what there!

After lunch, we off down Bowderdale, I would say it was quite a challenge to ride some parts of the track, John and Chris were better at it than me as I did alot more get off pushing my bike than they did, we had quite a few regrouping stops but it took us good hour and bit to get down to the tarmac at end of the valley.

Once we back on tarmac again we headed through Bowderdale and then followed the road under the A685 before making our way through the hamlet of Wath, after bit of climbing we followed the lanes down Lunesdale with a tail wind through the village of Kelleth before crossing over the A685 at Gaisgill and following the old road into Tebay for afternoon brew at the Old School Tearoom.

After our cafe stop, where we got chatting to group of cyclists doing the end to end they had set off from Land End about week ago and had stop at Conder Green the night before and were heading towards Appleby. We headed out of Tebay on the A685 down the Lune Valley, then turning off it at Low Borrowbridge to follow the Fairmile Road and then Howgill Lane back to Sedbergh.    

You can click here to download the GPS route files of the route. To find out where we going next checkout forthcoming events page and don’t forget to post comment on our forum. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter. You may find more photos taken on this ride by other members posted up on the South Lakes Flickr Group.

Click here to see the ride photos of the 10th June of the South Lakes Group over Salter Fell or click here to check out other Rough-Stuff Fellowship photo galleries on the web.

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