23rd June 2012: A ride around the Silverdale and Arnside Area.

The cake photo at the Refreshment Room on Carnforth Railway Station.

Wild flower meadow at the nature reserve on Walton Crag.

Lambs in a field on Leighton Moss.

A view looking down into the fields as we followed the road around to Gibraltar Farm.

A view of a rock at Jenny Brown’s Ponit

A view looking up the coast towards Silverdale from Jenny Brown’s Point.

A view of the Cove at Elmslack.

A view of Arnside Tower from the start of the bridleway over to Arnside.

Tree bark colour.

A view from the bridleway looking down towards Silverdale.

Highland Cattle on Arnside Knott.

A view of Hazelslack Tower.

A lunch time view.

Looking back down the climb from Sandside.

The village stocks in Beetham

Honeysuckle in the Hedgerow.

Common Elder in flower.

A road sign on the County boundary.

A view looking down to Priest Hutton from the road from Priest Hutton to Pheasant Field.


Leaf colour in the Hedgerow.

Ride Report by Simeon Orme

After month rain in 24 hours in the Northern England, I should know as stood outside the clubhouse at work on the Friday morning to watch the Olympic torch relay go down Morecambe Promenade and got soaking after standing in the for half hour so putting it politely the weather forecast for the ride was not brilliant and look on morning forecast on Breakfast TV that we would get a few hours of dry weather before the next batch of rain would come in, so it not worth doing the plan ride to the Three Men of Gragareth which you need a clean day to do to get views from the Three Men. So I decide we would have ride around the Silverdale and Arnside area.

I did expect to be by myself for ride, as who roll out bed to go cycling with forecast of doom and gloom but I was join by Norman for first part of the ride.

After we did bit chatting, eating and drinking in the Refreshment Room where the ride start from, we headed out of Carnforth and crossed over River Keer via the cycle/ foot bridge at Hagg Wood before following the lanes into Warton where we followed the more quite lane over to Crag Foot, we did stop for few minutes to look at the nature reserve in the old quarry on Warton Crag which also as a small car park.

From Crag Foot we followed the road over Leighton Moss and then heading towards Silverdale before following the road towards Gibraltar Farm where we head down to Jenny Brown’s Point to go and look at the view. After looking at the view we followed the road back up to Gibraltar Farm and then headed into Silverdale Village. From Silverdale we followed the road around to Elmslack with a detour to go and look at the view at the Cove before continue on through Elmslack and along the lanes towards Arnside, after good mile we turn off the Arnside road to follow the bridleway over Arnside Knott and down into Arnside. From Arnside, we head through Black Dyke and followed the road over Arnside Moss, then followed the lane towards Carr Bank before taking the road through Hazelslack Tower Farm  where we stop to look at the old tower from the road. From Hazelslack Tower Farm we followed the lanes through Storth and Sandside before doing a bit of climbing, as we follow the lane from Sandside over to Haverbrack, I stop part way up the climb at a seat with good view for some lunch, where Norman said his goodbyes and headed for home.

After lunch continue through Haverbrack and down into Beetham, I did not stop at the Tearoom at the Old Beetham Post Office as was now myself but I did stop to take a photo of the village stocks which look like they are still in good working order. From Beetham I headed up the climb to Slack Head which Sir Kenner our former General Secretary hates, in Slack Head I followed the lanes down to Hale More Farm then across Hale Moss to the A6, after short section on the A6, I headed along Moss Lane across Burton Moss before following the lanes through Hilderstone and Cinderbarrow around to the A6070. After short section on the A6070, I followed the lane into Priest Hutton then the road from Priest Hutton over to Pheasant Field before heading back to Halton through Capernway and Over Kellet.

There were few spots of rain in the afternoon but nothing to write home about, like most doom and gloom weather forecasts for North Lancashire and South Lakeland by the Met Office if you believe every forecast you miss some good rides.   

You can click here to download the GPS route files of the route. To find out where we going next checkout forthcoming events page and don’t forget to post comment on our forum. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter. You may find more photos taken on this ride by other members posted up on the South Lakes Flickr Group

Click here to see the 30th June ride photos of the South Lakes Group ride along Mastiles Lane or click here to check out other Rough-Stuff Fellowship photo galleries on the web.

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