10th June 2012: A ride over Salter Fell.

The cake photo at The Bridge House Farm Tearoom in Wray where the ride started from.

Regrouping stop on Dubgarth Hill

Clover at the side of the road as we head up School Lane.

Heading along Black Bank Road.

At the start of the first bridleway of the day at Four Lanes End.

Following the bridleway down to Craven Ridge Lane Ends

A view looking across the fields looking towards Ingleborough from Cross Lane.

Heading up Green Lane.

A view looking across the fields looking towards Ingleborough from Green Lane.

Heading down the public byway from Green Lane towards Sandford.

At end of the track at Sandford.

A view of farm buildings as we followed the road down towards Rathmell.

On the bridleway from Longtons Lane to Beck House on the B6478.

A view of Tosside.

A lunchtime view.

Another Lunch time view.

Heading along the bridleway towards Shays

Sitting outside the Riverbank Tearooms in Slaidburn.

Another view of the Riverbank Tea Rooms.

At the start of the bridleway down to Shay House Farm.

Norman looking at the map as we followed the bridleway from Shay House to House Lane.

At end of the bridleway where we rejoin the tarmac on House Lane.

At start of the Salter Fell Road.

Following the road up Croasdale.

The view looking back down Croasdale.

Another view looking down Croasdale, from a bit further up the Road.

After fixing Keith’s snap chain.

At the boundary fence at top of Croasdale.

A view looking down Whitendale.

Regrouping stop on Alderstone Bank.

Near the end of the Salter Fell Road.

Witches at side of the road as we head back to Wray.

Ride Report by Simeon Orme

It was good turnout for a South Lakes Group ride at this of the year of six , four of these being members and two new faces Robert and Keith. It was also a bit disappointing that Ian had decide not grace us with his present after asking for a ride over Salter Fell to be added to Group’s ride programme, I believe he when out walking with Alistair up Gragareth, you can read what they got up to on Alistair blog at this link. Anyway they both miss a good ride.

Anyway getting back to ride, as you may gather from reading these ride reports, the route planning for the ride usually takes place over coffee and cake at the morning cafe stop, Norman had the best ideal for the route and did good job leading us around the route, as you expect from  South Lakes Group ride we had to add extra twist to the ride as our friends from  Lancashire Group do the ride over Salter Fell road each year and class this as hard ride. For a South Lakes Group this was not a hard ride, as we done a lot harder rides and a lot easier rides over past year.

Anyway after we sort fix where we were heading and finished chatting, we left the delights of the Bridge House Farm Tearooms. Followed the road up the Hindburn Valley to Mill Houses, then the steep climb out of Hindburn Valley before we turn on to Mewith Lane which we followed for next few miles heading towards Settle, as I said before Mewith does change its several times on the map, you doing get good views always along the lane to Keasdon and after you climb up Dubgarth  Hill where we had regrouping stop, the lane changes its name to Eldroth Road which we continue on until we got School Bridge. At School Bridge, we cross over and headed up School Lane to King Gate before following Black Bank Road down to Four Lanes End where we turn on to first track of the day which we followed over Craven Ridge Lane Ends. From Craven Ridge Ends it was back on tarmac again as we followed Paley Green Lane down to Storth Gill Bridge and a bit of  climbing up Storth Gill Lane before turning on to Cross Lane, there some good views looking across the fields to Ingleborough. At end of Cross Lane, we turn on to Green Lane there signpost at start of the bridleway, there a tricky gate opening across a start of small stream at the start of the lane, its quite easy to follow the course of the bridleway to the next gate which took a bit of effort to open before continue up the bridleway to a public byway which followed back down to the tarmac at Sandford where we join Wham Lane. We headed down toward outskirts of Rathmel where we turn on to Hesley Lane and then Higher Road, we did a lot of climbing in next few miles before turning on our next track which followed through Stadford Gill Farm where there open farm yard gates and pointed us in the right direction down to Beck House on the B6478, the only interest part of this bridleway was the footbridge near Snape House. Once we hit the B6478 we followed it up to Tosside where there cafe and tearoom which we did not stop at. In Tosside we followed the lanes down to Butter Field where we turn on our next track, after bit of pushing of our bikes up the bridleway, we stop for some lunch.

After lunch we continue along the bridleway heading towards Shays, in places it was wet under foot as we followed track across moss area of open moorland, the highlight of this bridleway was seeing a deer. At Shays we were back on something we could ride on and following the lanes back down to B6478 which followed over Brennard Hill and down to Slaidburn  for afternoon cafe stop at the Riverside Tearooms.

After sitting out side in the sunshine eating and chatting, we headed out of Slaidburn on the Cross of Greet Road after bit of climbing, we followed the bridleway down to Shay House and then across to House Lane before heading up the Lane to the start of the Salter Fell Road. There good surface all the way up to the New Bridge which looks like a lot work as been done on bridge in past year. From there it was case of getting off pushing the bikes up next part of the track pass Croasdale Quaary this due to quarry bottoms on track, okay for 4x4 but could not ride it on a bike, once we got pass this section it was quite good surface to ride on again. There some good views looking back down Croasdale and once we all regroup at the boundary gate at top of Croasdale, we continue on for about half mile we had to stop to fix  Keith snap chain, after the chain was fix, it was quite fast ride down to tarmac at Higher Salter, the ride broke up above Wray with me and Norman  following  Moor Lane down to outskirts of  Hornby  and rest of the party heading back down to Wray.

You can click here to download the GPS route files of the route. To find out where we going next checkout forthcoming events page and don’t forget to post comment on our forum. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter. You may find more photos taken on this ride by other members posted up on the South Lakes Flickr Group

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