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15th July 2012: A ride to Borrowdale

The food photo at the Refreshment Room on Carnforth Railway Station where the ride started from.

A view up the Lancaster Canal of the Tewitfield Locks.

Martagon Lilies at Nook

Looking back on the climb up Warth Hill.

Looking back on the bridleway between Far Audlands and Low Audlands.

We could get lost on next bridleway we did from Crosslands Farm, as there a lot of these bridleway signs posted every 10 metres along the track.

Looking back along the bridleway towards Crosslands Farm.

A view of Low Deepslack Farm.

The start of the bridleway up Whinfell.

Hedgehog at side of the bridleway up Whinfell.

Heading down the bridleway from Whinfell into Borrowdale.

The lunch time view, at this point I done about 30 miles.

The view looking down into Borrowdale.

Foxgloves at the side of the bridleway.

The view up looking up the valley from High Borrowdale.

Norman following the bridleway through a wild flower meadow.

The view looking down Borrowdale from the bridge across Borrow Beck.

The view looking up Borrowdale from the bridge across Borrow Beck.

The view of the public byway from the A6 down to Ashstead.

A view of farm building.

A view Whinfell Tarn.

A view from El Dorado snack bar by River Kent in Kendal where we stop for late afternoon brew.

The view from Larkrigg Hall Bridge as we follow the bridleway from Natland to Wilson Place.

Rosebay Willowherb at side of the bridleway.

Norman heading down the bridleway toward Wilson Place.

A view of the Hincaster Trailway.

Ride Report by Simeon Orme

There just me and Norman at the start of the ride, so the mileage for the ride was going to be high with me ending up do 67 miles by time I got home to Halton at 7pm in the evening, Once we finish eating and drinking at the Refreshment Room on Carnforth Railway Station and said our goodbyes to the Parkinsons and the Lloyds ( Pat and Fred)who had come join us for brew.We headed out of Carnforth on North Road and then soon join Kellet Road which we followed to Tewitfiled. In Tewitfield we crossed over the A6070 and followed the bridleway through Greenlands Farm and around to the Lancaster Canal where we followed the towpath up to Saltermire Bridge, then we followed the lanes through Cinderbarrow, Hilderstone and Holme. From Holme we followed the lanes around to and over Chapel Hill into Farleton. Then we headed out of Farleton on Nook Lane which we followed to the A65 whwere we did a small section on before turning off it in Nook to spend next few miles climbing and following the road up Warth Hill, at the summit of the climb we stop to have a look at the map and decide to take a look at the bridleway which runs from Far Audlands to Low Audlands which I never done before, we rode quite a bit of the track and you had to be careful on crossing the steam but otherwise it was bridleway following a farm track and then crossing a few fields. At Low Audlands we join the B6254 which we followed down to Crosslands Farm where we join our next track where there a lot construction work going on to build a wind Farm, we could not get lost on this bridleway due to sign about every 20 metres telling where the bridleway was as we followed the track across the development. We soon back on tarmac again and for next few miles heading along the Old Scotch Road before following the lanes across and down to Grayrigg. From Grayrigg, we headed along the lane pass Grayrigg Hall to Tarnside where we turn on to our next bridleway, which is quite a bit of climb up Whinfell to Repeater Station, I gave up half up the climb and walk but Norman made it up to summit of the climb on to two wheels, there some good views from the top looking back down to coast and a cross to Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks.

From the Repeater Station, we followed the bridleway down a bit further before stopping for lunch with good view of Borrowdale.

After lunch, the first section of the track was a bit wet in places but improve as we headed down into Borrowdale. Once we were in Borrowdale we followed the bridleway up the valley pass Low Borrowdale Farm and High Borrowdale up to the A6, you can understand why I try to do this bridleway once a year, as the views are outstanding and if was in one of the national parks there would be a lot more folk more on the fells around this area.

Once we hit the tarmac at the A6 which we stay on for about 50 metres or so  before following the public byway down to Ashstead. From Ashstead we followed the lanes down the Mint Valley to Patton Bridge where there a bit of climb before we could enjoy the freewheel down through Meal Bank and into Kendal where we a bit to late for a brew at Morrisons as they close at 4pm, so we headed into Kendal and stop for brew at snack bar by the River Kent.

After our brew in Kendal, we followed the cycle track through Kendal, then headed along Natland Road into Natland. From Natland we followed the bridleway down to Wilson Place, then we headed along the lanes to Hincaster where we join the Hincaster Trialway then we back on lanes again as we headed back towards Carnforth.

You can click here to download the GPS route files of the route. To find out where we going next checkout forthcoming events page and don’t forget to post comment on our forum. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter. You may find more photos taken on this ride by other members posted up on the South Lakes Flickr Group

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