1st   May 2011: A ride to Levens, photo taken by Simeon Orme

A view of the Lancaster Canal near Hest Bank.

A swan on the Lancaster Canal.

Outside the Refreshment Room at Carnforth Railway Station.

The cake photo at the Refreshment Room on Carnforth Railway Station.

View of Leighton Moss Bird Reserve.

A view of Bank Well  near The Row in Silverdale.

Dandlelion at Bank Well

Flowers at the side of the road.

Some times its just interesting to lock the bike up and take few minutes to look at the flowers on this nature reserve.

Welsh Poppy

Early Purple Orchid


Tree in a field on Milnthorpe Marsh

Another tree on Milnthorpe Marsh.

Interest Shed outside Levens.

Lambs in a field.

The Church above above Brigsteer.

The view looking down into the Lyth Valley.

The view of the River Kent from Hawes Bridge looking up the valley.

A lunch time view by the River Kent at Wilson Place.

A view of Sedgwick House.

The ford at Stainton.

The afternoon brew at Farleton View Tearoom.

Hawthorn in flower in a hedge as I was heading into Farleton.

Farm building in Farleton.

Spring leaf colour.

The old mill pond at Holme Mills.

A tree in field near Holme Mills.

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Ride Report by Simeon Orme

After few hours at work raking bunkers, I headed along the cycle path along side the Lancaster Canal to Carnforth for a brew at the Refeshment Room at Carnforth Railway Station.

After coffee and cake at the Refreshment Room, I headed out of Carnforth crossing over River Keer by cycle/ foot bridge, then headed towards Silverdale stopping at Crag Foot to take few photos of the reed beds of the newer part of Leighton Moss Bird Reserve, then continue towards Silverdale, after crossing over railway, I followed the road up to The Row, stopping to take a few photos of Bank Well which is worth stopping at look at the wildlife and the wild flowers around the pond.

From the Row, I headed pass Waterslack Farm which is still up for sale, then another mile of road work with views of Hawes Water through the woods, I stop again at Coldwell Parrock Nature Reserve to have go taking few flower photos. From there more road work through Storth and Sandside, then short section on the B 5282 before following the lanes across Milnthorpe Marsh, then a mile and bit on the A6 before following the road up to Levens. After heading through Levens, I followed  road the towards Brigsteer, just before Brigsteer Park turning on to the first track of the day which I followed up to the church above Brigsteer, there was plenty Early Purple Orchids and Cowslips in flower at side of the bridleway, with some good views when I turn around to look back down the track towards Morecambe Bay. Once I got end of the track by the church there some good views looking down into the Lyth and beyond towards the Lakes and if it had not be so windy, I would have stop had my pack lunch at this point of the ride but decide to carry on and followed the next bridleway across to Briggs House Farm which is bridleway through several fields with few nice view of the Kent Valley below.

From Briggs House Farm, there some more road down to the A591 which I cross over and followed the road down to Hawes Bridge which is worth stopping at to look at the River Kent on both sides of the bridge. From there I headed up into Natland where some new houses being built where the Garden Centre/ Nursery use to be! At Cracult House I followed the bridleway back down to River Kent at Wilson Place where I’ve stop to have my lunch by the River Kent where quite few families were set up camp to spend afternoon by the river.

From Wilson Place, I followed the road pass Sedgwick House and into Sedgwick village. After riding through Sedgwick I followed the lanes through Crosscrake and down to Stainton where I cross over Stainton Beck by the pack horse bridge. From Stainton, I followed the lanes through Stainton Bridge End, Field End and Woodlands for coffee and cake at the Farleton View Tearoom at Wath Sutton where handout a copy of the Rough-Stuff Journal to another cyclist.

So after finish chatting and eating, with the wind blowing in direction for a change, I followed the lanes back through Farleton, Holme, Holme Mill, Hilderstone and Cinderbarrow then short section on A 6070 before heading back to Halton through Tewitfield and Over Kellet.

I had done about 47 mile and had good ride.

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