30th July 2011: A ride to Crosby Garrett

The food photo at the Tea Room at Old School in Tebay.

Chatting and eating outside the tearoom.

Peter new bike, on its first South Lakes Group ride.

A duck at the side of the road as we heading towards Kelleth.

At the start of the first track.

Regrouping at a gate.

A view at the side of the public byway as we head towards Barugh Bridge.

Looking back down the track.

At Barugh Bridge its worth stopping to look at the garden by Rias Beck.

Shetland ponies at the side of the bridleway as we head towards Acres.

A close up.

A bit further along the bridleway.

At end of the second track of the day.

Heading through the fields following the bridleway from Sunbiggin over to Asby Grange.

Looking back across the fields with the Howgill Fells in the background.

Looking back towards Sunbiggin.

The lunch time view looking towards the Eden Valley.

The lunch time view looking towards the Lune Valley.

Heading across the fields following the bridleway from Maisongill Farm to Asby Grange.

At the start of the bridleway from Asby Grange to Whygill Head.

Ian on the climb out of Crosby Garrett.

Stopping for eat up.

Following the track towards Bents Farm.

The cake photo at Lune Spring Garden Centre.

This is reason that Eileen as to carry the sandwiches for Nick.

Vintage tractor at Newiggin-on-Lune.

A view looking up Weasdale.

Regrouping at Cow Bank in Weasdale.

Regrouping at end bridleway at Gars.

In Bowderdale.

A view of the River Lune from over gown bridleway along side the A685.

Back at Tebay.

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Ride Report by Norman Bulter

After meeting up at a Tebay Tearoom without electricity, which resulted in a rather disappointing snack of slightly burnt teacakes and cold crumpets, six of us set off in an easterly direction for just 3 miles before leaving the road for the first off-road track of the day.  This was the first of four bridleways tackled before stopping for lunch on Great Asby Scar.  Our route then took us up to the reservoir at Wander Bank and from here it was east to Crosby Garnett.  This section of bridleway, called Ladle Lane, ended as very enjoyable singletrack between limestone walls with loose rocks and stones to hold our attention.  Just half a mile from the village of Crosby Garett and we were off-road again, this time heading south and turning south-west around the base of Crosby Garrett Fell. Here we found steam enthusiasts with cameras awaiting the passing of “Queen Elizabeth” on the Settle-Carlisle line. From the fell we continued on bridlepaths through Bents Farm, Brownber and Badger Hill to arrive at our tea stop at Newbiggin-on-Lune.  Suitably refreshed with tea, coffee, cake and ice cream we left Newbiggin and headed to Weasdale to link up with a bridleway at Cow Bank that would then take us back to the A685.  At this point a further bridleway, constructed to enable those on horseback to keep off the busy road, was disappointingly overgrown.  However it is this type of bridleway that will always be overgrown unless they are ridden so we battled our way through newly sprouting hedge plants and wild flowers to emerge, after just over 1 mile, back onto the A685. A quiet lane through Midfield took us back to Tebay to complete a ride of around 27 miles with over half it off-road.

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