11th December 2011: A ride around the Silverdale and Arnside Area

The cake photo at the Refreshment Room on Carnforth Railway Station.

A view of the Old Rectory in Warton.

Reflections at the Old Rectory in Warton.

A view of Bank Well

Alistair and Norman stopping to look at the view at Bank Well.

A tree in a field, with the Row in the background.

A lunch time view.

Alistair on the bridleway over Arnside Knott.

The cake photo at the Tearoom at the Old Beetham Post Office.

A Memorial at side of the road on Hilderstone Moss.

Ride Report by Simeon Orme

It was another bad weather weekend which we seem to be getting every other weekend of late in the North West of England, so when weather report on the television say its not going to be a brilliant day and you going to get x amount hours of dry weather it always nice surprise to see who turn up for start of the ride and yes I understand why members living further field would be put off with bad weather and the shorter day light hours at this time of the year, plus price of fuel. Anyway its South Lakes Group policy to start rides, where its possible from inside cafe or tearoom this gives everyone opportunity to get know each other, catch up what everyone be doing, have a brew and chat before heading out on the ride, which quite often the destination of the ride gets change to suit the weather conditions on the day.

I was first to arrive at the Refreshment Room on Carnforth Railway Station, then follow by Norman and then by Alistair who had the longest distance to do riding from Holme on the Cumbria / Lancashire most of the way in rain. So after 20 minutes of eating, drinking and chatting we headed out of the Tea Room. We followed the road through Carnforth town centre up to Lancaster Canal where we followed the cycle track on the towpath to Crag Bank where we cross over the A6, then headed through Crag Bank village and then followed the shore road around to Hag Wood where we cross over the River Keer via cycle / foot bridge, then headed into Warton where we stop to look around the Old Rectory, which worth stopping at if you never been. From Warton we headed up the Coach Road which followed around to Yealand Conyers where we had to stop for a few minutes to sort out my front brakes which working that well. From Yealand Conyers, we followed the road around through Yealand Redmayne and then Yealand Storrs before heading down to Leighton Moss, it was bit to early to stop for lunch at Leighton Moss Visitor Centre, so we continue on, following the lane around the back of Silverdale Golf Club up to the Row where we stop to look at Bank Well which is small nature reserve for a few minutes before the lanes around to Silverdale Green. From Silverdale Green, we headed into Silverdale via Gibraltar Farm for lunch on the shore.

After lunch, we headed out of Silverdale following the road through Elmslack towards Arnside, as soon as we cross over the border into Cumbria from Lancashire the weather conditions decide to change with a bit of light rain and turn into heavy downpour after we followed the bridleway over the shoulder of Arnside Knott. From Arnside we followed the lanes across Arnside Moss into Carr Bank where I had to cape up and then on through Storth over to Beetham for coffee and cakes at the Tearoom at the Old Post Office in Beetham, which is worth supporting if you passing through the village, the tearoom is open most weekends during the winter months.

After our warm up in the tea room it had stop raining, we headed up to Slack Head which is interesting climb up into village from Beetham which our General Secretary hates and is know to cycle a few miles to avoid the climb. From Slack Head we enjoy the free wheel down to Hale Moss where we followed the lanes across the Moss to the A6. After short section on the A6, we followed Moss Lane across Burton Moss into Hilderstone where the local farmer was selling Christmas trees. From Hilderstone we followed the road across Hilderstone Moss where Alistair point out the Memorial Stone to the Quaker Burial Ground to Cinderbarrow where we said our goodbyes to Alistair who left us to head for home. From Cinderbarrow we the lanes over to the A6070 which we did short section on before following the lanes through Priest Hutton and Borwick to Kellet Lane which followed towards Over Kellet. At Pastordale I said my goodbyes to Norman who headed back to Carnforth and continue on through Over Kellet back to Halton.

It had been interesting ride in good company with around 37 miles on the clock once I got home to Halton.

Click here read other 2011 ride reports and you can read Alistair post about the ride on Al’s World at this link or click here to download the GPS route files of the route. To find out where we going next checkout forthcoming events page and don’t forget to post comment on our forum or in our Photo Guest Book. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter. You may find more photos taken on this ride by other members posted up on the South Lakes Flickr .

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