6th August 2011: A ride up Hempsfell and around the Cartmel Area.

Coffee at the Hat Trick Cafe in Low Newton.

A small tarn near Hampsfield Hall.

Looking back down the bridleway into the Cartmel valley as we were heading up Hempsfell.

A view from the bridleway looking up the valley towards Windermere.

One of signs in the Hospice at the top of Hampsfell.

The view from the top of the Hospice.

Another photo of the view looking towards Windermere.

A Guide to the view.

Another view of the Hospice, with Paul looking at the view from top of the Hospice.

On the bridleway from Cartmel to High Bank Side.

The view looking back on the bridleway from Over Ridge to the Great Allotment.

Ferns at the side of the road as we heading through Staveley-in-Cartmel.

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Ride Report

What change in the weather from last weekend ride, the weather report for the day was not brilliant so I was quite surprise to see Paul waiting for me at the Hat Trick Cafe in Low Newton which is new start venue for South Lakes Group.

After chatting in the cafe, we followed the old A590 towards the new bypass out of Low Newton, then headed down Cartmel Lane, before turning on to the first track of the day which we followed towards  Hempsfield Hall which was bit overgrown at the start of the bridleway but improve as we got nearer Hall. We soon back on the tarmac again heading towards Cartmel for about half mile before turning on to next track which we followed through to Longlands, then the bridleway took us through a few fields before starting the climb up Hempsfell which was bit steep and end up pushing the bikes up to start of the open fell where you could ride bits of the track, we did stop a few times to look at the view which is worth doing as you can see quite bit of the South Lakes from Hempsfield. We were soon crossing from Longslands Allotment into Bishop’s Allotment where we lock up the bikes against wall, to walk up to the hospice which built in 1846 by the vicar of Catmel to provide shelter for travellers, you can find bit more information about the hospice at this link. After looking at the four panels inside the hospice and the view from the top of the hospice we headed back to the bikes. After unlocking the bikes we followed the bridleway down the Grange side of the Fell, it did look quite dark and wet in North Lancashire when you stop to look at the views across Morecambe Bay. Once we got down the fell side, instead of following the track towards Grange like did we on a ride in January 2010, we followed the track towards Hempsfield which is Restricted byway which you ride most of it and is worth doing! Once we drop down to Hempsfield we follow the lane through the hamlet to Hollow Lane where we look at the dark clouds to the east of us, we decide it would be good ideal to head west where sky was a bit brighter, so we continue up Hollow Lane and then back down Cartmel Lane, the main valley road into Cartmel where stop for some lunch by the racecourse.

After lunch we followed the bridleway across the racecourse to High Bank Side, then part of the Cistercian Way and then the public byway around Mount Barnard to Howbarrow. From Howbarrow the bridleway to Burns Farm and then from Burns Farm the bridleway to Speel Bank which can wet in places depend time of year. From Speel Bank there was a bit of road work before following the bridleway from Over Ridge to the Great Allotment this track was wet in places and not good ideal to do in wet weather. We were soon back on the tarmac again and headed over Barnsley Hill before dropping down to Backbarrow where Paul left me to head for home in Backbarrow. I followed the bridleway from Backbarrow over to Newby Bridge and I had to cape up on this track for about half n’ hour due to heavy shower of rain. If you don’t like bracken bashing this track is best done in the Spring or in the Autumn. After dropping down to Newby Bridge, I cross over A590, after short section on the A592, I followed the lane into Staveley-in-Cartmel,  from Staveley-in-Cartmel the new cycle track to Ayside which runs along side the A590 for short distance. From Ayside I followed the old A590 back through High Newton to Low Newton where I had park by van.

Simeon Orme

Click here read other 2011 ride reports or click here to download the GPS route file of the route. To find out where we going next checkout forthcoming events page and don’t forget to post comment on our forum or in our Photo Guest Book. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter. You may find more photos taken on this ride by other members posted up on the South Lakes Flickr .

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