3rd April 2011: A ride to Staveley, photos taken by Simeon Orme.

After making only 2½ miles out of Halton before my van started to blowing a large amount of smoke out of the exhaust and the fan belt was singing as well, so through its was good ideal to around head back home so miss the Saturday’s South Lakes Group ride. So after moving the tee marks.


Switching the worm casts off the greens at work, I headed off for ride.

Daffodils at work.

A view of the cycle/foot bridge over the River Keer near Carnforth.

Information board.

View of the Walton Old Rectory.

Another view of the Old Rectory.

Heading along permitted bridleway from Warton Cricket Club to Yealand Conyers.

Ivy at the side of the road.

Periwinkle at the side of the road.

Drainage dyke at side of the permitted bridleway across Thrang Moss.

Wood Anemones at side of  permitted bridleway across Thrang Moss.

The cake photo at the Old Beetham Post Office Tearoom.

A view of the River Bela from the road through Dallam Park.

Swan on a nest near Sampool Bridge.

Wood Anemones at the side bridleway between Raven’s Lodge and Mill side.

Close up of the bridleway.

Close up of bark on a tree.

Daffodils at the side of the bridleway, as I was heading towards Millside.

The stream at Beck Head.

Tree in a field near Witherslack Hall.

Skunk Cabbage in the woods near Witherslack Hall.

Wood Anemones in the woods near Witherslack Hall.

A view of Hagg Wood.

A view of Cowmire Hall.

Moss on a wall.

Lunch time view of the ford at Birks Bridge.

Winster Church.

A view of Knipe Tarn.

Cake photo at Wilf’s Cafe in Staveley

On the riverside path in Kendal, once I got home there was just over 69 miles on the clock.

Click here to see 10th April ride photos  of the South Lakes Group taken by Simeon or click here to check out other photo galleries on the ‘Where’s the Brew Stop?’ Websites.

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