23rd April 2011: A ride to Cam End Fell, photos taken by Simeon Orme.

At Hornby Post Office Tearoom.

Wray Scarecrow Festival.

Rubbish Scarecrow

Nobel Prize Scarecrow.

Shoe Scarecrow.

Where will these cuts end?

Government Cuts.

Defence Cuts.

Royal Marriage Stakes.

Not playing with full deck.

Royal family scarecrow.

Spring leaf colour on Mewith Lane.

Spring leaf colour on Mewith Lane.

Early Purple Orchid in Reebys Wood.

The hanging garden at Clapham Station.

Looking back down Long Lane.

Following the bridleway to Sulber Gate.

A lunch time view.

Bird’s eye Primrose at side of the track

A close up.

A view of Cam Beck from Ling Gill Bridge.

Heading down High Cam Road.

Looking back up the track.

The ford across the river.

Looking back up Black Rake Road.

Dropping down to Dentdale.

A view of the River Dee from Stone House Bridge.

At Meadowside Cafe Bar in Dent.

Early Purple Orchid on the climb up the Barbondale Road from Gawthrope.

Sheep pen at the bottom of Barbondale.

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Ride Report by Simeon Orme

Being a Bank Holiday Weekend and also with the Easter Meet of the Rough-Stuff Fellowship on across the border in Scotland, there were no other takers for the ride other than myself, so after finishing my coffee at the Hornby Post Office Tearoom, I headed out of Hornby towards Wray after short section on the B6480, I soon turn on to Back Lane which was the first track of the day which I followed into Wray where spend sometime looking around the village at all the Scarecrows on display for the Annual Wray Scarecrow Festival.

From Wray I headed up the Hinderburn Valley to Mill Houses, then that climb out of the valley which seems to got a lot easier over the past year with all the training I have been doing riding my bike to work and home again, I have been doing over 100 miles some weeks, you can checkout how I am doing on Daily Miles, anyway getting back to ride continue to head towards Low Bentham for about mile before turning on to Mewith Lane where stop to chat with another cyclist who was staying at Ingleton Youth Hostel for the week and doing day rides out from there and before you ask I did’t have any Rough-Stuff Journal in my saddlebag to handout. After passing the time of day I carry along Mewith Lane which changes its name to Bloe Beck Lane then Reebys Lane as you get nearer Keasden, as you can tell from the ride photos I did stop on route a few times to take some photos. In Keasden, I followed the road down across Clapham Moor to Clapham Station then bit more road work up to A65 which I cross over before carrying on into Clapham. After quick visit to the National Park toilets, I head out of Clapham up Thwaite Lane and then followed Long Lane up Clapdale. From the top of Clapdale I followed the bridleway around to Sulber Gate where stop to look at the view and eat my pack lunch.

From Sulber Gate, I continue along the bridleway heading down into Ribbledale, stopping to take a few photos of colony of Bird’s eye primrose which are getting quite rare to find, after taking the photos I was soon at the B6479 where I decide to go have look at new part of Pennine Briddleway across the River Ribble, which I think will officially open in the next month or so as bit of landscaping to do and signs to put up! After crossing to other side of the valley, I followed the road up to Old Ing, then headed along the track to cross over Cam Beck at Old Gill Bridge and continue up the track to Cam End. From Cam End, I follow the track down into Ribbledale, there was no need use footbridge at the ford in the valley bottom  to cross over the beck, as there no water in the beck, looks like some hosepipe bans coming soon! Once I was back on tarmac again I look at the map and decide to do Black Rake Road over into Dentdale which is bit walk in places put enjoyable to do! From Dent Head I headed down Dentdale stopping on the main valley road, in Dent stop for brew at the Meadowside Cafe Bar where got chatting to cyclists from Kendal.

After putting the world to right, I headed down Dentdale to Gawthorpe where I headed up the steep climb to the top of Barbondale, then it was fast ride down Bardondale there quite few folk wild camping in the dale. From the bottom of Barbondale, I followed the Roman Road through to Casterton, then the lanes down to Devil’s Bridge at Kirkby Lonsdale for a eat up!

From Kirkby Lonsdale, I followed the B6254 and Kirkby Lonsdale Road back to Halton, there quite a lot traffic on the B6254 due it was throwing out time at the Whittingham races put once I make it home I had done 61 miles.

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