9th January 2011: A ride to Natland

The cake photo at our morning brew stop at the Creature Comfort Cafe at the Wildlife Centre near Hale.

Heading along Pye’s Bridge Lane.

A view of the Lancaster Canal from Dovehouses Bridge.

Waiting for Ian to mend a puncture.

The ford at Stainton.

We cross over Stainton Beck using the bridge.

On the road from Crosscrake to Barrows Green

A lunch time view at Natland

A Seat on the village green at Natland.

The view looking across the fields from Heversham with St Anthony’s Tower in the background.

Following the road through Dallam Park.

The cake photo at afternoon brew stop at the Old Beetham Post Office Tearoom.

On the climb through Slack Head.

A view of Lancaster Canal from Kellet Lane Bridge.

Ride Report by Simeon Orme

After receiving two e-mails one from Peter and the other from Paul saying they were not coming out on the ride it was nice surprise to find five other cyclists waiting for me at the start of the ride at Tewitfield, two of these were new members from Garstang. After chatting for a bit we headed up the A6070 towards Burton-in-Kendel before following the lanes through Cinderbarrow and Hilderstone then Moss Lane across Burton Moss to the A6. After crossing over the A6, we stop for a brew at the Creature Comforts Cafe at the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis near Hale.

After our brew, we follow the lanes around to Hale, where we re cross the A6, then headed along Pye Bridge Lane to the B6384, we did a short section on the B6384 to Elmsfield House, then follow the lane over Chapel Hill to Farleton. We then headed out of Farleton following Nook Lane to Nook Bridge. From Nook Bridge we followed the lane over Doveshouses Bridge where we had to stop for Ian to repair a puncture and only time in the day we had to put some waterproofs on for a few minutes, after Ian finished repairing his puncture we followed the lane down to the A6070 which we followed for a short section to Moss End, where we followed the lane through Wath Sutton to Woodlands where we join the B6385 which we follow for about minute to cross over A590 before following the lane past Lane Farm (just after Lane Farm there stone walling school worth stopping to looking at just looking at different styles of the stone walls in the field that the pupils of the school have built) to Stainton Bridge End then around to Stainton where we stop look at the ford. We then crossed over Stainton Beck using the small pack horse bridge. From Stainton we followed the lanes through to Crosscrake where Ian left us to head back to Tewitfield as he had go to work in the afternoon. After saying our goodbyes to Ian, we continue on the lane from Crosscrake to Barrows Green before lanes into Natland for lunch on the village green.

After lunch we followed the road through Sedgwick, Hincaster, Woodhouse and Heverham where we cross over A6 to follow the lanes across Milnthorpe Marsh to Milnthorpe Bridge which we use to cross over the River Bela, then it was bit of climb through Dallam Park before following road down to Beetham for after brew at the Old Beetham Post Office Tearoom.

After putting the world to right in the tearoom, we climb up the road to Slack Head, then followed road down to Hale Moss before crossing over the A6 again before heading back through Hilderstone and Cinderbarrow back to Tewitfield.

That’s all folks! Click here to read other 2011 ride reports or click here to check out the route. To find out where we going next checkout forthcoming events page and don’t forget to post comment on our forum or in our Photo Guest Book. Also checkout the  What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter. You may find more photos taken on this ride by other members posted up on the South Lakes Flickr .

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