29th  January 2011: A ride to Feizor

The food photo at 37 Main Street Cafe Bar in High Bentham.

The view looking across Bentham Golf Course towards the Lune Valley from the bridleway between High Bentaham and Windy Hill.

Heading along Laithbutts Lane towards Clapham.

A stream at the side of the track.

The church at Clapham.

Heading along Thwaite Lane toward Austwick.

A view of Crummack Lane.

A view looking across the fields looking towards Norber from Crummack Lane.

The bridge over Austwick Beck.

A lunch time view of Austwick Beck.

The pack lunch.

The view looking down into Crummack Dale as we followed the bridleway down into Wharfe.

A house in Wharfe.

On the Pennine Bridleway near Higher Bark House.

Following the Pennine Bridleway down into Feizor.

Summer pudding at Elaine’s Tearooms in Feizor.

The cake photo at Elaine’s Tearooms in Feizor.

How often does this happen on a ride, you come out of the tearoom to discover someone got a puncture.

Heading back along Eldroth Road towards High Bentham.

Ride Report by Simeon Orme

I was quite please with myself for riding up to start of the ride at 37 Main Street Cafe Bar in High Bentham it took me about one hour and ten minutes to cover the 12 miles from Halton to High Bentham. I was also first one to cafe but was soon join by Nick, Eileen and John. After spending good half hour eating, drinking and chatting in the cafe. We headed out of High Bentham on Bentham Road heading towards Ingleton for short distance before turning on to bridleway at Bentham Golf Club which we followed over to Windy Hill, there was some good views of Ingleborough to enjoy. From Windy Hill we followed Nutgill Lane around to the B6480 and then headed along the B6480 to Green Close Bridge where we followed the lanes across Newby Moor to the A65 which we cross over and then headed through Newby Village. From Newby we headed along Laithbutts Lane to Clapham. Then from Clapham we headed along Thwaite Lane, as we dropping down to Crummack Lane on Thwaite Lane Eileen misjudge the track and end up on the ground. There was no harm done and after dusting her self off we headed up Crummack Lane before following the bridleway down towards Wharfe, stopping for some lunch at the bridge across Austwick Beck.

After our lunch stop, we continue down the bridleway into Wharfe. After heading through Wharfe we rejoin the tarmac for about mile before following the bridleway up to Lower Bark House where we join the Pennine Bridleway which we followed over to Feizor where we stop at Elaine’s Tearooms for afternoon brew.

After our afternoon brew stop we continue along the Pennine Bridleway and  then Wood Lane into Austwick. From Austwick, we followed the lanes down to Harden Bridge where we cross over the A65, then followed  Orcaber Lane, Fummerber Lane and Mewith Lane back to High Bentham.

That’s all folks! Click here to read the other 2011 ride reports or click here to check out the route. To find out where we going next checkout forthcoming events page and don’t forget to post comment on our forum or in our Photo Guest Book. Also checkout the  What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter. You may find more photos taken on this ride by other members posted up on the South Lakes Flickr .

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