1st  January 2011: A ride over Cocklaw Fell and down Longsleddale.

The cake photo at Wilf’s Cafe in Staveley.

Following the road up the Kentmere Valley.

A sheep in a field with Kentmere in the background.

Looking back down to Kentmere Village on the start of the bridleway up to Cocklaw Fell.

Small waterfall at the side of the track.

A view of one of the fords across the bridleway.

One of the gates.

The first view of Skeggles Water.

Old farm building near Skeggles Water.

A bit of sheep wool.

Part of another disuse farm building at the side of track as you head up to Cocklaw Fell.

Another view of Skeggles Water

Mole hills on the bridleway, as you head down in Longsleddale off Cocklaw Fell.

The first view of Longsleddale.

Another small waterfall near Till’s Hole Farm.

A post box near Hill Cottage.

A view of the River Sprint.

One of many bridges on the bridleway down to Garnett Bridge.

The pack lunch.

There was a lot trees that been cut down in a field near Kilnstones.

At end of the bridleway near Docker Nook.

The view from Garrnett Bridge of the River Sprint.

Reflections on the Garrnett Bridge Road

The ponds at Burnside Hall.

Ride Report by Simeon Orme

It was not surprising that I was only person to turn up for the start of the ride at Ashes Lane, its a bit of hit and miss affair when you organize a ride on New Year Day weather folk will turn up for the ride or not! So after adjusting my front brakes on my bike, I headed along Ashes Lane and then down the Crook Road for brew and cake at Wilf’s Cafe in Staveley which was quite for Saturday morning, there must have been a lot thick heads after celebrating the New Year in South Cumbria.

After quick brew, I headed up the road to Kentmere, with a few stops to take photos of the valley before following Lowfield Lane up to Green Quarter where I decide to do the bridleway over Green Quarter Fell and then over Cocklaw Fell down into Longsleddale. The only person I saw on this track was mountain biker coming opposite way down the bridleway into Green Quarter, I did not see another person for the next hour or so until I was in Longsleddale. Anyway the bridleway up and over Green Quarter Fell was quite interesting to do with few wet sections but a lot good views across the lakes and worth doing again on another Group Ride. The bridleway over Cocklaw Fell was wet in few places on the Skeggles Water side of the fell but there was a lot good view as I drop down into the Longsleddale Valley, instead of following the bridleway down to Sadgill, I decide followed the bridleway down to Till’s Hole Farm which for me was a bit to steep to ride.

At Till’s Hole Farm after looking at the map and my watch, I decide to follow the bridleway down the west side of the dale towards Garrnett Bridge, which was interesting as had not done the northern part of the bridleway before and I had have few map stops to check that I was going the right way put the track was well sign posted and when the ground is bit drier most folk should able to ride most of this bridleway with no problems. I stop for some late lunch at the side of the bridleway near Beech Hill Wood.

Then after lunch continue down the bridleway through Kilnstones where there was a lot of logs in the fields waiting to be cut up into smaller sections to be transport out of dale. After passing through Kilnstones, I continue the bridleway down to Docker Nook where I decide it was time to rejoin the tarmac, so followed the main valley road down to Garrnett Bridge and then the Garnett Bridge Road down to Burnside. From Burnside I followed Ratherheath Lane up to A591 which a lot easier to do after all training have been doing riding bike back and forwards to work, then it small section on A591 to get me back to Ashes Lane where my van was parked.

Hope to see few more folk out on the ride next weekend and hope you all enjoy New Year celebrations but did miss good ride.

That’s all folks! Click here to read other 2011 ride reports or click here to check out the route. To find out where we going next checkout forthcoming events page and don’t forget to post comment on our forum or in our Photo Guest Book. Also checkout the  What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter. You may find more photos taken on this ride by other members posted up on the South Lakes Flickr .

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